The Zephyr Ion vaporizer is one of the newest vaporizers on the market today, created by the company Zephyr Vaporizers. It is a bag-filling vaporizer with a list of new and unique features that make it stand apart from the competition.

The Ion has a respectable weight and feel to it that indicates durable design and construction. Along the bottom, the unit features a large LCD screen and buttons that are used to set and display the temperature. The screen changes color to indicate whether the selected temperature has been reached, and can display said temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Another main feature of the units is the convenient flip-top design. This allows users to easily open, load and unload the Ion with one hand, something that isn’t possible with other vaporizers.

Adding even more to the convenience of the Zephyr Ion’s use is its new bag valve and mouthpiece system. The valve and mouthpiece are built into one piece that does not have to be removed when filling the bag and then placed back on before inhaling like vaporizers. This valve creates a seal that allows users to set down bags full of vapor without worrying about leakage.Zephyr Ion Vaporizer Review

Using the Zephyr Ion:

The process of setting up and loading the Zephyr Ion is very quick and easy. The long power cable is great for when you don’t have a spot right next to an outlet to use. Once plugged in and turned on, use the buttons beside the Ion’s LCD to select the desired temperature. The Ion is quick to warm up, so it should take less than 3 minutes for it to reach whatever temperature you select.

When the Ion has reached the desired temperature, the screen will turn from red to green to indicate that it is ready to begin vaporizing. Place your ground herbs into the loading basket, set the basket in place inside the top of the Ion and flip the lid shut. Attach a bag to the Ion by squeezing the bag’s valve to open it and then sliding it over the Ion’s teflon tip,. Then press the button to the right of the screen to begin filling the bag.

The bag will fill in very little time, as the Ion features one of the fastest, yet quietest fill system of any other vaporizer in its category. When it is finished filling, remove the bag, hold it up to your lips, squeeze the valve, and enjoy some great tasting vapor.

Warranty and Extras:

The Zephyr Ion comes with a 2 year warranty. If anything happens to your unit during this time, Zephyr Vaporizers will provide repairs or a replacement unit it a very timely manner.

Along with the unit you get 2 bag valve sets, 2 filling baskets, 2 replacement air filters, 2 replacement basket screens, 4 replacement bags and the ties necessary to attach them, and some more replacement screens.

Also included with the unit is a USB cable, which you can use to attach the Ion to your computer. This allows you to send a command from your mobile phone and through the software on your computer to start heating the unit. This way it’s heated and ready to use before you even are. Zephyr Vaporizers has also stated that they are in the process of developing more cool features for the Ion’s USB connection.

Another accessory, which is soon to be released, is a whip for the Ion. This will add a new level of flexibility to the unit’s functionality since it will be able to be used without bags, as a direct-inhale vaporizer.


With its digital temperature control and flip-top lid, It is clear that the Ion was designed from the ground up to be a quick, convenient and easy-to-use vaporizer. If you are into the latest technology and gadgets you will also appreciate the convenience that the USB connectivity of the unit provides with the remote start commands. However, regardless of whether you care about this feature or not, the Zephyr Ion is a great choice if you are in the market for a quality, bag-filling vaporizer that is a breeze to use.