Cannabis is widely used to treat chronic pain. There are several reasons why many have turned to form of treatment and haven’t turned back. In this article we will look at the reasons why cannabis has become an effective go-to for those suffering from chronic pain or seeking pain relief.

The Problem with Chronic Pain

medical cannabis for pain relief

Chronic pain will, of course, require a long-term treatment. For people with chronic pain, the only options for treatment before medical marijuana made readily available included painkillers which typically tend to have negative side effects. For instance, taking too many opiate painkillers can result in addiction. Aspirin, for instance, can cause problems with the stomach if it is taken over and over again.

Comparatively, cannabis has very mild to no side effects. The most noticeable side effect is can be from its sedative qualities, but this can be moderated by choosing particular strains of cannabis or by moderating the amount of consumption. Additionally, different methods of ingestion have different effects on the head. People who consume marijuana through edibles may oftentimes experience the effects much differently than those who smoke it.

Natural Solution

Being suspicious of pharmaceutical products does not require the mindset of a conspiracy theorist. It is not at all uncommon to find out that a drug that was in common usage for a long time has suddenly been discovered to be extremely dangerous. Lawsuits usually follow, people suffer horrible side effects and the drug may or may not be taken off of the market.

Marijuana has been in use for literally thousands of years. It has also been the subject of a great deal of crossbreeding, hybridization and other agricultural processes that have allowed it to be essentially customized for certain purposes. Industrial hemp, for instance, contains almost no THC while medicinal marijuana can be selected based on how much THC it has, what kind of an experience that offers and so forth. Having this type of flexibility available in a natural product is very attractive to a lot of people who understand that they will need to be on medication for a very long time.


Having the option of eating or smoking is important to many people who are treated with medical marijuana. Some people simply do not like to smoke anything. Perhaps they are very physically fit and don’t want to take smoke into their lungs or perhaps they have a condition that makes tolerating smoke very difficult. They have the option of consuming it through edibles, tinctures or oils. People who simply prefer smoking to eating, of course, have several options available to them which can be found on this website. Medical marijuana presents an effective solution for those who need it. Marijuana is quite appealing for those seeking pain relief and has proven to be just effective as many pharmaceuticals available on the market typically prescribed by many doctors.