Why Should You Buy Hash in 2020?

Considering how widespread the usage of Hash is throughout the world, it’s rather surprising how few people have tried it here in Canada. Those who have been smoking weed for decades have likely come across Hash in their early days. When’s the last time you saw Hash in person?

While Hash may feel a little dated, do not overlook this potent way of getting high. The advantages that stimulated the global spread of hash are still relevant today. Hash products may not have changed much over the years, but why improve upon something so perfect?

Hash or Hashish has been consumed for centuries, particularly in Africa, Europe, and Asia. The word hashish comes from the Arabic language, roughly meaning ‘grass.’ The first mention of it in a science context was by Johann Gmelin, in 1777, although estimates on the usage of Hash go as far back as A.D. 900. It could have even been used earlier than that before written documentation ever occurred.

Reaching the Western World

The Western world’s scientific and medical investigation of cannabis didn’t really start until O’Shaughnessy brought knowledge of ‘Indian Hemp’ to the UK and beyond in 1834. Thanks to his efforts, we have this wonderful description of how Hashish was made then:

Men clad in leathern dresses run through the Hemp-fields, brushing through the plant with all possible violence; the soft resin adheres to the leather, is subsequently scraped off, and kneaded into balls…

Due to European exploration and exploitation, hash products began being imported into Europe. Many consumers immediately fell in love with Hashish coming from countries like Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal. Hash has been a mainstay in the cannabis community ever since. The medical community also dabbled in Hash, although cannabis oils were preferred due to the lack of smoking required. This interest fell off a cliff when the prohibition of cannabis arrived throughout the world. While hash took on a much quieter role since then, consumers have never stopped loving it.

Growing Popularity

The growing popularity of cannabis in the 1960s and 70s propelled hash into the mainstream. As a condensed product with great shelf-live, it was suited for the long journey to North America, unlike dried flower. The reason for this is due to the focus on the resin, and exclusion of extra plant material. Hash is all waxy resin, scraped from flower heads then pressed together into blocks or balls. This process is still done by hand throughout the world. These compressed chunks of Hash range from yellow to dark brown and have a distinctive hash flavour. Inside the hash, you’ll find a potent mixture of cannabinoids and terpenes.

All high-quality hash will quickly soften when rolled in your hand a bit. Some varieties are a little more crumbling, but with a bit of fondling, you can shape hash like dough. Light, oxygen, and heat can lead to oxidation of hash, which results in a darker colour over time. That said, once pressed and stored appropriately, hash can last for months or even years. Store your hash in airtight containers made of glass, metal, or silicone. Keep your containers in a cool dark place. Avoid any moisture in your container, as this can degrade those valuable cannabinoids.

Trichomes are small glands that protrude out from the cannabis flower. These produce the resin that is filled with the cannabinoids and terpenes we all love. This includes the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD), and all of the terpenes that cannabis can produce. To learn more about Hash production and types of hash, check out this post.

How to Consume Hash?

Hash can be consumed in a wide variety of ways. You can add hash to your joints, bongs, bowls, or vaporizer. Others prefer to eat it, just made sure you decarboxylate it first. This is because the THC and CBD are not yet active inside this product until heat converts them (from their acidic states: THCA and CBDA)

Pressed hash is generally solid and dense. After the resin-filled trichomes from the cannabis flower are sifted and processed, they are then compressed. This is why there are a ton of amazing compounds packed into a small space. This is why you can break off a little piece and add it to your smoke to increase the potency and flavour of your smoke. You can add smoke or vape Hash just about any way you like. Sprinkle it into joints, bowls, and pipes to increase the THC potency. Or smoke it by itself to fully enjoy that flavour and aroma. If you’re looking to eat some hash, remember that it needs to be heated to activate the cannabinoids. Here’s a recipe for Two-minute Nutella Hash Cakes and Hash Brownies and some tips on making edibles to give you an idea of what to do