Like any other medical treatment, medical marijuana is generally prescribed by a physician because they believe it to be the most effective treatment available for their patient. This is really at the heart of why any physician prescribes it. Whether or not the treatment will be pursued is something that is between the physician and the patient. Some of the common reasons that people tend to gravitate toward medical marijuana include the following.

The Condition Qualifies

Medical marijuana is recognized as a viable treatment for a large range of conditions. The first thing the physician will generally want to determine is whether or not whatever you are suffering from is something that qualifies you for treatment with medical marijuana. This seems rather basic, of course, but medical marijuana is legitimate medication and medications are decided upon based upon the potential benefits and risks they pose to the patient in question.

The Benefits

There are some common reasons that doctors do end up prescribing medical marijuana. One of the most common is the relief of chronic pain. Marijuana doesn’t have the same health risks that the long-term use of other pain relievers commonly entails and, because of this, physicians will sometimes gravitate toward it for patients who are and will in all likelihood continue to be in pain for the foreseeable future.

Some patients end up being prescribed medical marijuana because they have already exhausted other treatment options and have not been able to achieve satisfactory relief through them. If you have been working with your physician to find a solution to a problem you’re suffering with and it seems like medical marijuana has become the best possible option, your physician may very well recommend it. Because of the way the law has been changed over the years, your physician does have the freedom to do so.

It’s Accepted

It is largely the consensus that medical marijuana has very real benefits for people suffering from a variety of different conditions. This is supported by a huge number of cancer patient advocacy groups, physicians groups, charitable groups and others. The simple truth of the matter is that medical marijuana works. There really isn’t controversy left in this regard.

A good physician’s ultimate goal will be to help their patients live a healthy and full life, as comfortable as possible. Medical marijuana has been proven to make this attainable for people who are inhibited from doing so for a variety of different reasons. Whether it is an old injury that is almost certain to continue causing pain for the rest of your life, the symptoms of PTSD, the side effects of chemotherapy treatment or anything else for which medical marijuana has been approved, physicians and many other experts acknowledge that medical marijuana is a viable treatment.

If you were recommended medical marijuana, the reason for that will generally be because the physician believes it will work, scientific evidence points to it being effective and, of course, that you have decided that it is a treatment from which you believe you will benefit.