Shatter is among the most popular of the concentrates which is a glassy substance that resembles sap which is also one of its nicknames.

Moby Dick ShatterCannabis concentrates or dabs are a growing trend in the marijuana industry. There are a variety of different forms of concentrates including wax, budder, resin, oil and shatter. Each has its own consistency however shatter provides the highest potency.

The reason why concentrates have become so popular is because you can get a lot of bang for our buck considering some extracts can yield up to 80% cannabinoid content which is perfect for pot smokers looking to get a stronger high.

When shatter is cooled into a glassy sheet and dropped it shatters, which is where the nickname “shatter” is derived from.

This solvent based cannabis extract which is a type of BHO (Butane Hash Oil) which uses butane to separate the trichomes from the buds and trimmings. The trichomes being the glass like crystals which contain the highest THC (and other cannabinoids and terpenes), are soaked and “blasted”, then separated using a liquefied butane. The resulting mixture is collected, heated and purged so that the result is a thin sheet of extract.

Typically shatter sells for $10-$30/gram depending on quality.

In order to ingest shatter it’s you can roll it into a joint (which is quite primitive) or use a bong however thanks to modern day technology there are many different vaporizers on the market which allow shatter to be consumed.

Small bongs called oil rigs are a favorite among shatter enthusiasts. Oil rigs are designed with a glass nail that the shatter is applied before it’s heated and smoked.

Some vaporizers available are compact such as “vape pens”. Typically cheaper devices don’t have efficient heating elements which result in a weak vaping experience. Vape pens are definitely the recommended method to smoking shatter since you ingest less carcinogens and also better for health.

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