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Phoenix Tears or Rick Simpson Oil provides many medical benefits and has been produced by Rick Simpson who has become a legend in the world of cannabis, offering a medical dose of cannabinoids for all the people who are in need.

Who Is Rick Simpson?

Rick Simpson is known as the man who discovered the cure for cancer. The journey of Rick in finding the treatment of cancer dates back to 1997 when he was working as an engineer in a Canadian hospital. Rick was covering asbestos at work using aerosol glue in a poorly ventilated room, and the toxic fumes made him feel dizzy and collapsed from a ladder onto the floor. After being unconscious for some hours, he managed to contact his colleagues to take him to the emergency room.

After experiencing the accident, he regularly suffered from dizzy spells, and his medication was not compelling enough, because it made things even worse. Rick opted to use cannabis after watching a documentary emphasizing the positive benefits of using the substance. Although he had sought medical advice even before the consumption of weed, his doctor discouraged him from using cannabis as a treatment.

In 2003, the life of Rick Simpson took another turn after he was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma skin cancer after three spots appeared on his arms. Since Rick had treated his previous symptoms using cannabis and was not lucky with surgeries, he decided to treat his skin cancer by smearing the cannabis oil to bandage and leaving the spots protected for several days.

After four days of applying the oil on the spots, he decided to check if anything positive had happened below the bandages. To Simpson’s surprise, the cancerous growths were no more. His cannabis oil had cured him of cancer. Rick shared his discovery with his doctor, but he couldn’t listen. Besides, he tried to get help from organizations, but they were not interested in his cannabis discovery.

Rick Simpson took matters into his hand and decided to cultivate his cannabis from his land and produced his cannabis oil known as Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) also known as Phoenix Tears. He distributed his oil to all those people who needed the oil and managed to treat over 5,000 patients using his RSO.

However, he experienced many obstacles with his home being raided multiple times with 2,600 cannabis plants cut down and taken away by Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Amid arrests and prosecution by the Canadian government, Rick relentlessly continued producing his cannabis oil while helping others.

What Is RSO?

The recipe used in producing Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is not a discovery, because the same formula has been used by W.B. O’Shaughnessy in the 1830s. Since Rick Simpson has widely marketed this oil, the recipe has been patented by him.

Phoenix TearsThe following are the crucial steps in making the oil.


  • Cannabis material (indica strain )
  • 2 gallons of solvents like Ethanol  or Butane
  • Rice cooker
  • A deep bowl
  • Cheesecloth
  • 5-gallon bucket
  • Plastic syringe ( 60 ml)
  • Wooden spoon for stirring

Take your cannabis plants and mix them with a bowl with high-proof alcohol you can choose to use Ethanol. The procedure enables the cannabinoids and resin to separate from the buds. Using a cheesecloth or coffee filter, strain the mixture thoroughly to retain a smooth mixture. To extract as many cannabinoids as possible, repeat the process of mixing the plant matter with your solvent, while straining the substance.

After that, set up your rice cooker and point a fan towards the cooker, because alcohol evaporates. Place the mixture in the cooker and turn it on. The recommended temperature is 120 degrees Celsius, to prevent the cannabinoids from fading and reducing the effects of the oil.

After a successful extraction process, you will be left with black, thick, and bitter-tasting oil which is very potent; It is the popular RSO.

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