What is Distillate? 

Many forms of cannabis extracts exist but none beats distillate when it boils down to comparison of the levels of purity. This cannabis concentrate has subsequently earned the nickname “The Pure” thanks to its high level of purity. It is a tasteless and odorless extract that is obtained using the process of high heat extraction. This high heat extraction results in the production of this distillate with 100% pure cannabinoid. The process of distillation is fast becoming the new method of processing marijuana. Distillation is a technique used for the creation of cannabis extracts that are pure, not just visually but also on a molecular level. Isolation of some cannabinoids has been proven to be possible while creation of an odorless and tasteless THC with a 99% pure concentrate is now a reality too.

Short Path Cannabis Extraction and Distillation Equipment by Root Sciences

Short Path Cannabis Extraction and Distillation Equipment by Root Sciences

When it comes to the production of distillates, the technique used here is a lot more different from the technique used in making other concentrates like hash, wax and shatter. Before the discovery of this distillation method, only two other methods existed in creation of concentrates. The first method made use of butane in the extraction of the major constituents from the plant matter. Alcohol-inclined processes could also be related to this method. Other concentrates like shatter and wax made use of the very common production method of applying solvents. The second method majorly made use of pressure or rinsing methods in the extraction of cannabinoids and terpenes. It is mostly used in making of concentrates like flower rosin, bubble hash and full-melt hash.

The disadvantages of these methods however is that they both leave behind residues from the plant matter itself or the solvent. This is the advantage that the process of distillation has over these other processes since the distillation process actually refines and separates the molecules of the concentrate. It is due to this reason that it is generally known as “The Pure”. Distillation vaporizes the cannabinoids with the aid of heat and then collects the vapor gotten from this process in a distillation cooling system. The cannabinoids then have all their components extracted including the chlorophyll and the cannabis plant matter. Upon removal of these components, a clean and concentrated liquid that is free of solvent is gotten.

Distilling cannabis however has some disadvantages of its own. One of these disadvantages includes the fact that the method usually ends up destroying all the terpenes present in the cannabis. Usually, terpenes are very delicate in nature and can only be extracted at very low temperatures to prevent any damage or harm from coming to them. There is however a solution to this problem since the terpenes can be extracted first due to their delicate nature then infused with the cannabinoids later on thus ensuring that their potency is preserved. This process of including the terpene later has also given cannabis processing companies the opportunity to “customize” cannabis. They can easily add flavors from any flower during the extraction process. Distillate gotten from this process is totally odorless and tasteless.

Gelato THC Distillate (Hooti Extracts) l Buy Weed Online CanadaThe potential that this cannabis distillate possesses is one that cannot be underestimated in any way. Due to the colorless and odorless state, the oils are applicable in a very large number of processes and production of certain products. Breaking the cannabinoids and terpenes into their individual solutions, they can be recombined with various formulas in the creation of other products and this combination can be done with so much precision allowing manufacturers work with an accuracy that they had hitherto not experienced. Distillates have various means of application and can be applied orally, sublingually or even via transdermal processes. Raw distillates can be used as medicines and could also function as additives in combination with other medical components to whip up medicinal combinations that have a very wide range of application.

Some benefits of using distillates are as follows:

  1. Healthy smoke

Due to the fact that chemicals and impurities have been removed from the cannabis, the smoke that comes out when it is lit no longer contains solvents and respiratory damaging carcinogens. In some cases, the smoke becomes an ordinary vapor that is entirely safe and many users actually find this enjoyable especially those that have issues with inhaling the smoke that an impure cannabis would produce.

  1. smoking cannabis distillateImmediate Effect

The effects that distillates have on the body can be experienced immediately after taking it in as long as the THC remains in a pure state. Also as long as it isn’t mixed with any form of plant matter when it is to be smoked or ingested, the medicinal benefits can be derived immediately. This inadvertently serves as a form of fast-acting medication especially for individuals that usually require this kind of fast-acting effect.

  1. Purity

cannabis distillateThe purity of distillate is second to none therefore there are no harmful components within it. The distillation process usually removes solvents like CO2, alcohol and BHO which are very harmful to users for various reasons. Instead, the distillation process creates a very pure cannabis extract while leaving out the necessity of having to make use of solvents to bind with the marijuana products. This culminates in the production of very pure THC.

Distilled cannabis has been found to have the highest THC content amongst all the available concentrates. THC distillates are found to be up to 90-99% in purity which is a lot more than the 15-25% range found in flowers or the 60-68% found in BHO and other CO2-produced concentrates. Aside having the highest THC content, it also possesses the purest one around.

Due to the method of processing that distillate undergoes, it lends credence to its being used as a medical remedy in public places and even societal gatherings.  Thanks to the THC distillate’s characteristic of being a very clean and pure extract; it possesses a very wide range of applications, thus making it a very versatile and useful medicine.

Distillate is serving to revitalize the medical practice by presenting the solution to problems that can be solved with the aid of cannabis. Making use of distillate is totally safe and does not come with any major side effect.


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