moldy cannabisMarijuana is organic. Since it is organic, that means it can go bad. Think of your milk when you leave it on the counter for too long. When weed goes bad, it becomes moldy and moldy weed is not something you want. Thankfully, it takes cannabis awhile to go bad and some mold is completely harmless, or even beneficial to humans in the right circumstances. In the worst circumstances, mold can be a serious problem that brings with its health issues.

It is relatively easy to identify moldy marijuana when you see it, at least once it is established. Prior to being able to visually see it, you will need a black light to see any mold on your bud.

Mold will take on the following characteristics:

  • Fuzz that is usually yellow, brown, white or grey. There may also be a web-like material on the cannabis.
  • A urine or sweat-like smell.
  • Discolored roots.
  • Dark spots.

What Causes It?

Mold exists because of bacteria that is thriving in a moist environment. More than anything else, moisture is the major cause of mold and that is why you tend to get mold in your bathroom that you must clean out. Mold just loves that moisture and moisture around your marijuana is a breeding ground for it. Poor air circulation will also provide an excellent environment for mold to grow. Therefore, grow rooms tend to have a lot of fans to increase the air-flow, while also reducing the amount of moisture in the area.

Where you live is going to have a major impact on how long your marijuana lasts before it gets moldy. If you live in Vancouver or Portland, you are going to have moldy plants quicker than you would if you lived in Phoenix or Regina.

It can also be caused by something out of your control. If you are buying cannabis from a retailer, then you are at the mercy of the retailer and how they store the marijuana. Therefore, you need to do a good job of detecting mold when you are buying marijuana. Smell the weed you are buying and see if it has a mildew-like smell. You won’t always be able to check out the weed before you buy it, but if you get moldy weed from one retailer, then move to another for your next purchase.

Why Is It Bad For You?

You don’t drink sour milk, why would you smoke moldy marijuana? If you did decide to do that, well you shouldn’t. As was stated previously, most mold is harmless but other types can be very dangerous. Some types of mold can create symptoms of sneezing and coughing, as well as sore-throats. Moldy weed can also cause headaches, vomiting, diarrhea and even heart palpitations. Even pneumonia is a problem when it comes to moldy weed. Lung infections are not out of the question either when you smoke moldy weed.

Every time you smoke moldy cannabis, you are inhaling millions of spores directly into your body.

Stay away from cannabis that has become moldy.

Keeping Mold Away

Like was mentioned before, you should keep your marijuana in a dry area that has good airflow to keep the mold away. Never store wet plants in airtight containers or you are going to have a lot of mold growth that you don’t want.

You can also choose to get strains that are heavily resistant to mold including pineapple express, hashberry, cannatonic and satori.

If you are growing your cannabis outside, then you should consider your climate and choose marijuana strains that are suitable for your area. Also, make sure you don’t grow plants that are susceptible to mold growth because that can result in it spreading to the rest of your plants. You also want to protect your plants from rain with an overhead tarp, but not one that is directly over your plants. Every morning, shake your plants to get rid of the dew.

What Do You Do When Mold Appears?

If you find that your cannabis plants have mold, they must be thrown out immediately. This is not only to prevent you or anyone else from smoking it, but also to keep it from spreading to any of your plants.

Once the mold appears, you should look at the environment that your plants are in. If the environment is moist, do what you need to in order to limit the moisture in the air. Also, increase the airflow where the cannabis is, whether through fans or just moving the cannabis to a new location.