If you’re looking to get so high you’ll feel like you’re walking on the moon then you’ll want to check out moon rocks.

Moon rocks became famous in 2015 and were trademarked by the rapper Kurrupt which is why they were initially known as Kurupt’s Moonrocks.

They are typically composed of using the popular strain Girl Scout Cookies which is a potent hybrid strain. The bud is then covered in hash oil (also made by Girl Scout Cookies) and rolled in kief. For those who don’t know what kief is, it’s a fine powder that is made from the sticky crystals that cover the cannabis flower. Without the kief coating, moon rocks are simply referred to as Caviar.

When buying moon rocks you have to be careful as some dispensaries cover low-grade or over stocked marijuana with a light dusting of kief. Unfortunately it’s sometimes hard to distinguish quality moon rocks from impostors and you probably won’t know until you’ve smoked it.

One way to distinguish impostors is from the subtle odor as moon rocks have a potent odor and they are not thoroughly covered in hash oil. True moon rocks will put any stoner in awe.

Moon rocks are not only visually appealing but also a true testament to how the weed game has evolved as it packs a powerful punch with THC content as high as 50%.

cannabis moon rocks In order to consume moon rocks you will need a bowl or a bong. They are not to be broken up in grinders as you may lose the good stuff to the teeth. If you do choose to smoke it as joint or blunt, be sure to pack it lightly using small scissors or a razor to shave off small pieces.

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