Feminized Seeds

feminized seedsPerhaps you have heard of the term feminized seeds from fellow growers. As the term might be a relatively new one for you, you might be asking yourself what exactly makes feminized seeds a hot item for particular growers. For those who want nothing less than growing the best weed out there, these are seeds they must keep an eye on. In this article, I would talk about what it means to have marijuana feminized and how it can potentially help growers (and users) get the product they want.

The Concept Of Feminization

Actually, when you say the word feminization, this is actually a plant culturing technique that goes beyond marijuana plants. This is a process wherein an entire seed generation is turned into females. Some people may think that such a system is impossible, but this can actually be done by adding climate stress. By putting plants into these stresses, the plants are forced to show male flowers. Thru careful pollination techniques, all female flowers are pollinated in such a way that no male chromosome is transmitted, allowing for the creation of feminized seeds. As you can expect, the steps in doing this is incredibly tricky. In fact, only a select strain of plants works well with such a process.

The Emergence Of Feminized Seeds

At present, marijuana is one of the most valued plants in the world. Used in just about every corner of the planet, this is one of the first, and still one of the most effective, medicinal plants discovered. And while these plants are potent in general, some people simply want more. Because of this, they try and experiment with the process of getting good weed, from farming it to actually processing it for consumption. One of the processes deemed to be effective for quality marijuana farming is feminizing the seeds.

feminized seedsThe Benefits Of Using Feminized Seeds

When it comes to farming any natural product, maximizing yield is of utmost importance. If yield is not maximized, this simply means that one’s farming methods are inefficient to say the least. And when it comes to marijuana growing, the creation of buds is the basis for productivity. The more buds produced, the better your productivity is. And the fact is, female marijuana plants actually create more of these buds than their male counterparts. In fact, it’s estimated that females produce up to 50% more buds than males. And for that reason, it makes a lot of sense for marijuana farmers, especially those who distribute them to others, to raise purely female plants.

Go Feminized Seeds In Your Plantation

Farmers themselves would say that feminization of plants is quite a tricky process. This is because particular stimuli (ex.: the environment) can stimulate the production of male flowers, increasing the potential of creating male seeds. But your odds of creating an all-female plantation become higher with the help of these seeds. If you want to make your marijuana farm a super-efficient bud producing one, you can’t go wrong with using feminized marijuana seeds.

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