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6 Awesome Ways to Use Kief

You must have at one point or the other noticed the tiny little crystals that cover the cannabis plant and you probably did not know that it is called kief. Although Kief is less potent than most extracted cannabis concentrates such as budder, shatter, oil, and wax, it is more potent than the traditional cannabis flower. Most stoners that collect their kief using one method or another don’t know the many ways this form of cannabis can be used other than smoking it. In this article, we will look at 6 awesome ways you can use kief.

What is Kief?Ways to Use Kief

Kief is a very potent and concentrated form of cannabis that is created by removing trichomes or resin […]

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Decarbing Your Weed: 7 Things You Should Know

decarbing weed

When you are using medical cannabis, it is important to know how to maximize its effects. The same goes if you are a recreational user and want to take things to the next level and that is what we will be focusing on in this article.

Unfortunately, marijuana has been considered illegal for a long time, which caused plenty of misinformation that you shouldn’t trust. Keep reading to discover facts about how you can maximize cannabis benefits.

Have You Heard About Decarboxylation?

Decarboxylation is the process you use to decarb your weed and make it potent. If you take a look at Wikipedia, you will discover that it is a chemical reaction that has […]

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Can CBD Oil Show Up On A Drug Test

This is really an important question especially for those people who get drug tested for work. In short, the answer is no, CBD will not show up on a drug test simply because CBD is not a tested substance in drug tests. THC however, the psychoactive component in marijuana is tested and many people who worry that taking CBD oil may cuase them to fail a drug test need not worry. First off, let’s differentiate between the different CBD oils available on the market.

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7 High Times Cannabis Cup Winning Strains

In the following article we will cover strains that were past winners in the Cannabis Cup that can also be found right here on Weed List. While the strains found on our site may have the same genetics, please note, they are not from the same growers.

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Best Cannabis Strains of 2019

Best Cannabis Strains of 2019

There is always something new brewing in the world of marijuana and we want to help you keep abreast with the newest and the trending options available this year. So we decided to put together this list of the 2019 top marijuana strains to check out. In this article you’ll  find recommended strains along with a little a brief breakdown of what you can expect and ways users can benefit from each of the strains. So without further ado, let’s get right to it! Bear in mind that our list of “best  cannabis strains of 2019″ are listed in no particular order.

BC Big Bud

This British Columbian strain has a very pungent and musky skunk scent. It is […]

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What is Distillate? 

Many forms of cannabis extracts exist but none beats distillate when it boils down to comparison of the levels of purity. This cannabis concentrate has subsequently earned the nickname “The Pure” thanks to its high level of purity. It is a tasteless and odorless extract that is obtained using the process of high heat extraction. This high heat extraction results in the production of this distillate with 100% pure cannabinoid

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Differences Between Shatter, Wax, Resin & Rosin

Over the last few years concentrates have become the biggest thing to happen to the cannabis culture but as the popularity of continues to grow so do the questions about the many forms these concentrates. All concentrates are made through a process called extraction where cannabis’ main ingredients are concentrated into an essential oil.

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