Cannabis Indica, like Sativa are the two most common marijuana plants which over 99% of strains currently being grown are derived from. It is essential to gain knowledge regarding the classification of the strain you are choosing, so that you can make sure to pick a bud which will best soothe and suit the desired relieving effects for your given condition.

Growing Conditions

cannabis indicaCannabis Indica plants, unlike Sativa, are short and rather dense in stature. These plants grow between two and four feet tall, and typically wield smaller (1.5 to 2.5 ounces per plant) crops. Its foliage appears in shades of dark green. In some cases, the leaves may appear as shades of blue, or green-black. Indica plants are more sensible for indoor growing conditions. Their geographic origins are traced to the hash producing countries in the Middle East (Pakistan & Afghanistan). After flowering begins, Indica plants take between six and eight weeks to fully mature. Indica strains require both a growing and a flowering period in order to reach their full-size potential. The resulting buds will form in thick, bushy clusters, with aromas ranging from pungent skunk to sweet and fruity.

Medical Treatment

The Indica plant has a higher level of CBD content than Sativa, and therefore provides for a wider range of medical illnesses. Indica strains are the most ideal for alleviating chronic muscle pain. Individuals suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, sleep apnea and insomnia are perfect candidates for this strain. Additionally, Indica Strains are ideal for treating other, more generalized ailments, such as nausea, muscle spasms, chronic pain and anxiety. By providing individuals pain relief coupled with sedative effects, Indica is the classic, night-time favorite strain.

Common Uses

couch weedThe Indica high differs from that of Sativa, because it is purely a “body buzz.” It has been known to leave its users “couch-locked,” laid back, lazy and lethargic with a care free mindset. Most people choose to use Cannabis Indica after a long day of work, as the perfect stress-reliever. It provides a wonderful full body pain-relief and makes for a perfectly safe, herbal sleeping aid.

Common Indica Strains

For your optimal full body high, we strongly suggest such Indica strains as OG Kush, Grandaddy Purple, Northern Lights, Master Kush, G-13, Purple Urkel, Bubba Master Kush, Hindu Kush, K2, Banana Kush Indica, Blue Dragon Indica, Blue Widow Indica, Bubba Kush, Bubba Kush OG and White Berry Indica.

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