DaVinci is the walkie-talkie looking portable vaporizer that reaches temperatures up to 430F. Digital temperature controls make it easy to use and its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold. Three internal Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries power its inert stainless steel heating element with 13.5 volts of vaporizing power for up to 1 hour and 40 minutes when fully charged. The batteries can be recharged while the device is in use. It has an internal storage compartment large enough to hold a bit of blend and a cleaning tool located right next to it which conveniently slides out when needed, making it easy to clean and maintain the unit wherever you are. Dual filling chambers add versatility, as they allow for the vaporization of both dry-blends as well as liquids. That’s right, this inconspicuous looking handheld vaporizer can vaporize essential oils! It’s available in 4 different colors — black, green, white, and gray — and you can buy it online from this store here or you can watch the video below and continue reading the rest of this DaVinci review to enhance your understanding of this versatile vape.

DaVinci vaporizer is portable (no cords and fits in your pocket), has an internal storage compartment, a cleaning tool inside of it that pulls right out, a mouthpiece that you can detach (it unscrews), and the ability to vaporize not only dry-blends but also liquids using one of the provided oil canisters. One of the coolest aspects of this portable is its ability to vape while charging. With a battery life that isn’t all that great, the ability to charge and operate simultaneously is definitely a must. All the same, it’s also a nice bonus. I’m a heavy vaporizer so I don’t necessarily care for portables that have a less than long battery life like this one, however, overall, it’s a good vape. It works and it’s reliable, but it doesn’t taste that