DaVinci is the walkie-talkie looking portable vaporizer that reaches temperatures up to 430F. Digital temperature controls make it easy to use and its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold. Three internal Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries power its inert stainless steel heating element with 13.5 volts of vaporizing power for up to 1 hour and 40 minutes when fully charged. The batteries can be recharged while the device is in use. It has an internal storage compartment large enough to hold a bit of blend and a cleaning tool located right next to it which conveniently slides out when needed, making it easy to clean and maintain the unit wherever you are. Dual filling chambers add versatility, as they allow for the vaporization of both dry-blends as well as liquids. That’s right, this inconspicuous looking handheld vaporizer can vaporize essential oils! It’s available in 4 different colors — black, green, white, and gray — and you can buy it online from this store here or you can watch the video below and continue reading the rest of this DaVinci review to enhance your understanding of this versatile vape.

DaVinci vaporizer is portable (no cords and fits in your pocket), has an internal storage compartment, a cleaning tool inside of it that pulls right out, a mouthpiece that you can detach (it unscrews), and the ability to vaporize not only dry-blends but also liquids using one of the provided oil canisters. One of the coolest aspects of this portable is its ability to vape while charging. With a battery life that isn’t all that great, the ability to charge and operate simultaneously is definitely a must. All the same, it’s also a nice bonus. I’m a heavy vaporizer so I don’t necessarily care for portables that have a less than long battery life like this one, however, overall, it’s a good vape. It works and it’s reliable, but it doesn’t taste that great. The taste is nowhere near as bad as the Palm vaporizer that I reviewed but it’s still not quite as good as the Solo or Pax. One of my friends who used my DaVinci actually liked it enough to proclaim it his favorite portable. I guess the reality is that not everyone is as sensitive to the taste as me and the DaVinci just tastes rubbery to me. For others, like my friend, it’s a fantastic little personal vaporizer that’s great for carrying around with you throughout the day. If you don’t think that the taste of a rubber mouthpiece in your mouth is going to bother you.

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When I’m holding this unit in my hand, it feels solid. I wouldn’t say heavy, but it does have a bit of weight to it. The weight is definitely not an issue, it’s just enough for me to feel like it’s a solid device. The display screen shows the temperature and the controls below it allow you to adjust the temperature. To turn it on, you slide the power switch into the on position. This switch is located on the right side of the device when you’re looking at the screen on the front. When you hit it, the screen will light up blue and you’ll be able to see the temperature. Next you hit the power button below the temperature controls and the heating element will begin to heat up to the desired temperature that you set on the screen using the adjustment arrows. It’s really easy to use and it heats up rather quick so you don’t feel like you’re waiting around forever to take some draws. It seems to vaporize in a very efficient manner, as the appearance of the vaporized blend seems to indicate.


Is DaVinci The Right Portable Vaporizer For You?

If you’re looking for a portable vaporizer that you can vaporize liquids and dry-blends with, use while charging, and take with you virtually everywhere you go, the DaVinci vaporizer might be just what you’ve been looking for. Then again, we here at Weed List have never been all that pleased with the taste of the vapor produced due to the choice of materials used in the construction of components comprising the vapor pathway. It is primarily for this reason that we suggest taking a look at the Ascent vaporizer instead. Made by the same company as The DaVinci, Organicix, this innovative glass-on-glass portable creates some of the purist vapor imaginable. If you’re uninterested in the Ascent and compelled to buy the original DaVinci. Not only is that the same vaporizer store where we got ours, it’s also the same company that makes the vape!

Da Vinci’s digital temperature display and corresponding controls make it easy to accurately adjust the temperature with the press of a button. The temperature ranges from 100 deg. to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. This is equivalent to 37 – 221 degrees Celsius. It is this wide range in combination with the oil canisters that allows for a variety of blends to be vaporized. The device operates in both Fahrenheit as well as Celsius.

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DVs weigh in at 5.6 ounces and measure 4 inches tall, 2.3 inches wide, and 1 inch in diameter. They don’t feel too heavy and they don’t feel too small. In a lot of ways, they feel just right when held firm in one hand; they are very comfortable to hold. Three internal Li batteries, producing 13.5 volts, power the inert stainless-steel heating element for almost 2 hours (1 hr. 40 min.) when fully charged.

Using the vaporizer that looks like a walkie-talkie isn’t quite as straight forward as you might think, however, it is extremely easy to operate. Let us explain. To begin, you simply slide the power switch on the right-side up and into the “on” position; this activates the LED display which will then show the current and set temperature, mode, and battery life. Next, you can select your vaporizing temperature by using the up and down arrows (“+” and “-”). Once you’ve found your preferred temp., you can load your blend into the heating chamber by opening the lid and inserting either inserting your dry-blend directly into the chamber or loading your oil canister and inserting the canister instead. If desired, screw the mouthpiece in. Next, press the power button below the temperature controls (the button on the very bottom) and the unit will begin to heat up. At this point, a little red light above the LED will become visible; an indication that the device is currently in the process of heating up to the set temperature. Once the desired temperature has been reached, the red light will shift to green. Once you see the green light, you’re ready to begin taking draws of vapor. When you’re done, you can simply slide the power switch back down into the “off” position and you’re done.

Designed in the USA and manufactured in China, these personal vapes and their mil-spec tested components are capable of withstanding a bit more than the occasional dropping. Their flexible mouthpieces, Flexi-Straw, are made from a durable woven material and their inert stainless steel heating elements are powered by 3 Lithium ion batteries which produce 13.5V for 1 hour & 40 minutes. They are built with an ergonomic design that is comfortable to hold and use. An internal storage compartment can be used to store blends and the relatively compact nature of the device makes it fairly convenient to carry around. An automated shut-off feature safely turns the device off after 10 minutes.

Karma Classic’s DaVinci comes with a battery charger which works while the device is in use, a cleaning brush/poker that resides within the unit itself, a few extra screens, a couple of essential oil canisters, and instructions. To reiterate in an easy to read format, here’s a list of what’s included with every purchase:

1 x Da Vinci Vape

1 x Battery Charger

1 x Cleaning Tool

2 x Liquid Canisters

3 x Replacement Screens

1 x Instruction Manual

With this device, maintenance is easy enough (much easier than with the Pax vaporizers). A cleaning tool hidden next to the internal storage compartment slides right out and allows you to quickly clean the inside of the loading area (bowl). Basic maintenance essentially implies cleaning at regular intervals. Which is incredibly convenient due to the fact that the cleaning tool is tucked neatly inside of the unit at all times (assuming it hasn’t been misplaced).

When you purchase your DV from an authorized dealer, it’s covered by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty which is restricted to normal use. The lithium ion batteries are covered by a standard 90-day warranty. Keep in mind that the manufacturer is pretty lax when it comes to their warranty so don’t be afraid to reach out to their customer service department with your concerns. Also, you may have additional rights as a result of laws in your area designed to protect consumers such as yourself so make sure you know your rights! For the most up to date warranty information, be sure to check with the manufacturer at the time of purchase.

Heating Time: 1½ Minutes (90 Seconds) On Average

Temperature Range: 100° – 430°F

Battery Life: 1 Hour 40 Minutes

Method: Convection

Type: Portable, Electric, Direct Draw, Liquid/Oil

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