cannabis for PMS

Cannabis can provide a multitude of medicinal benefits for diseases, pain relief and psychological disorders.

Some doctors have found that marijuana can be beneficial for PMS symptoms such as the hormonal and emotional pains that are commonly experienced by women.

Typical PMS symptoms can vary for women but typically include include cramps, depression, anxiety, irritability, insomnia. Whether you’re battling moodiness or pain, marijuana is certainly an effective form of treatment.

The therapeutic use of cannabis has been effective for treating these all the ease commonly experienced symptons, however choosing the right strain or cannabis product is important as factors such as THC or CBD should be considered.

It’s important to know that there are two main compounds in marijuana that can help with PMS. CBD which is not psychoactive or get you “high”, perfect for pain relief. And THC which can provide a euphoric feeling perfect for hormonal battling moodiness.

CBD is ideally the most important compound found in marijuana that will provide the most benefit during PMS. It is also non-addictive painkiller.

THC is still a very useful compound as it provides anti-inflammatory benefits and can help with the moodiness during PMS.

If smoking isn’t your thing don’t worry because cannabis for PMS can be consumed in a variety of ways including capsules, edibles, oils, tinctures, teas and more.

Finding the right marijuana strain for PM can be tricky which is why we’ve listed these 5 strains that can hlp you better manage “that time of the month”.

1. Yoni Indulge PMS & Menstrual Relief Chocolate

What could be better than having chocolate during PMS? While eating a small amount of chocolate alone has been known to help alleviate PMS and cramps, it also can improve mood and energy levels. The Yoni Indulge allows ladies to indulge in delcious chocolate while also getting the medicinal benefit of THC for their moodiness and CBD for pain relief. This product is specifically marketed for menstrual relief and has become popular due to its effectiveness.

2. Yoni Relax Tea

If you’re looking for a hot beverage to calm your mood and relieve cramps then the Yoni Relax Tea is an ideal choice for the ladies. This cannabis infused tea contains an organic mix of ingredients with a high-dose of THC that has been chosen specifically for PMS and menstrual relief. Yoni Relax Tea is the perfect medication to sooth pain and ease your mind.

3. White Kush

If you don’t mind smoking or vaping your cannabis then White Kush is an effective indica strain for battling PMS. It contains a high dose of THC between 18-22%. Some cannabis reviewers have found that White Kush sneaks up on your and provides you the giggles followed by deep relaxation. This strain is one that is sedative, so if you’re looking for pain relief or a good nights rest then White Kush is one you’ll want to consider.

4. Strawberry Banana CBD Lollipop 50mg CBD (Joshua Tree)

Just like when you were a kid vising the doctor and they hand you a lolipop after being treated. The treatment for PMS can be found in this lolipop. This delicious strawberry banana lolipop contains a high dosage of CBD which can provide pain relief and regulate stress/moodiness.

5. Banana Candy Shatter (Wonka Extracts)

If you’re a more advanced cannabis user who likes to dab then you’ll want to consider Banana Candy Shatter by Wonka Extracts. This shatter is ideal for chronic pain and PMS. It has THC levels up to 24% with lower CBD levels making it a perfect combination for dealing with Aunt Flo. You can also enjoy a euphoric good night rest.

Countless women struggle with PMS and with it comes several pains including period cramps, bloating, headaches, mood swings and other mood or pain related issues.

Cannabis of course is not a guaranteed fix however many women have found that it can provide much needed relief in difficult times.

Instead of over the counter medication, heating pad and devouring a chocolate bars for relief, cannabis has proven to be a successful cramp killer.

Below are other cannabis strains that are effective in treating PMS.