marijuana pestsCannabis Pests

One of the problems that growers often face is their crop being plagued by pests; these can include things like gnats, white flies, budworms, thrips, mites and even caterpillars. These are leaf eating insects that can do damage to any healthy cannabis crop in a short amount of time and this does not matter if it is an indoor cannabis crop or an outdoor crop these pests will find it.
One of the defenses that can be used against the pest is for the grower to check the plants daily with a magnifying glass, because this kind of pest is usually not seen with the naked eye.

Marijuana Fungus

Marijuana growers face a problem with their crops getting viruses, bacteria and mold and there are ways to battle these. One of the ways is to always use sterilized planters and soil, another way is to keep the humidity in the room under 50%, because high humidity is a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria. The grower needs to use strict rules when it comes to caring for plants and sanitation is number one, this means not leaving any debris in the growing room, using gloves and also not allowing family pets in the growing room.

marijuana fungusMold could be a problem and to control this, the grower using a spray that contains copper and an organism Bacillus subtilis, along with a Boudreaux mixture the grower will be able to battle mold.

The grower that is faced with plants that have a virus will find it is impossible to kill in most cases. The experienced grower knows that they must remove the infected plants of the growing area; otherwise all of the crop can become infected. The grower that monitors their crop to ensure the plants are healthy, have the proper amount of water and the room temperature that is controlled can usually avoid their plants becoming infected with a virus.

What The pH Level Does

The pH level directly affects the growth of the cannabis plant and it can affect how the root system is able to send nutrients to the plant. When the pH level value that is 7.5 and above can cause deficiencies in baron, manganese, copper and zinc in the marijuana plant. If the pH level drops below 6.0 it can cause the level of calcium, magnesium and phosphoric acid to drop in the plants.  There is also the fact that when the pH level is as low as between 3.0 and 5.0 this opens the door for fungal disease to hit the plant.

The pH level can change rapidly, almost overnight in cannabis indoor soil and this is why the grower will need to test it often to keep it between the 6.5 and 7.0 that it will need to be for healthy cannabis plants and a high yield harvest.  One of the reasons for this is during the hours of darkness the photosynthesis production stops, their rate of respiration and the decomposition of organic matter and this allow the acidity level of the soil to change.

This is also something that does not only affect the indoor soil grower; it can also affect the outdoor grower and the grower that is using hydroponics.  The hydroponic grower needs to test their solution more often than any other method of growing, because the solution is being fed directly to the roots and this can inhibit the plants ability to take in the needed nutrients.


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