feminized seedsWeed List provides hundreds of cannabis strains for those looking to buy weed online in Canada however if you’re looking to grow your own weed, you can also find hundreds of types of cannabis seeds including regular seeds, auto regular, feminized seeds, auto feminized, auto-flowering and high CBD seeds.

Since legalization of cannabis in Canada, select provinces have been granted the ability to grow up to four plants. Unfortunately those privileges to grow your own crop happened in the fall. This spring/summer of 2019, Canadians growers will finally be able  to grow their favorite strain in their own backyard.

If you’re looking to get a head start on growing your own weed this year these 5 cannabis seeds are worth the investment.

Keep in mind that much like humans, cannabis seeds require both a male and female.

1. White Widow Seeds

Originally bred in Spain from 1995, White Widow has been one of the top cannabis seeds for a long time. As a cannabis strain it provides a distinct scent and flavor which has made is extremely popular among cannabis lovers because it provides a high unlike most other strains. This strain has been a former Cannabis Cup Winner that has both a high THC and CBD profile, with THC content above 20%.

This strain is a mostly indica with a small percentage of ruderalis and sativa. It only takes 8-9 weeks for these seeds to begin flowering and can yield up to 150 grams indoors to 250 grams if grown outdoors. It can grow up to 8 feet tall when grown outdoors and should be kept around 4 feet when grown indoors under LED lighting.

White Widow is relatively easy to grow and perfect for cloning and provide a high yield with potent buds. That have a white trichome crystals with orange hairs during its flowering stage. On average it can take up to 3 months to grow feminized seeds and it’s important to follow our instructions on how to germinate cannabis seeds.

2. OG Kush Seeds

OG Kush is for anyone looking to combine the very best of both indica and sativa. While some may think it stands for “original gangster”, it actually stains for “ocean grown”.

It’s rumoured to be a combination of Chemdawg and Hindu Kush, the original genetics of the OG Kush is a mystery however it still remains a genetic backbone of many West Coast cannabis strains.

Typically OG Kush flowers in 6 weeks and can a provide up to 25% THC content. When grown it produces a nice yield with resin covered nugs.

The flavor profile is a nice combination of fuel and citrus.

3. Northern Lights Seeds

Nobody can take credit for its creation however its origina dates back to the 1970’s near Seattle, Washington however it distinctly has Afghani indica genetics.

This is one of the most popular auto flowering strains. It grows very quickly, in fact up to 8 weeks to produce very dense strains.

It was initially developed for indoor growth, it can also be grown outdoors.

It’s frosted buds produce a very earthy and honey-musk aroma. It is a potent and mostly indica strain that provides up to 15% THC content.

4. Gorilla Glue Auto Feminized Seeds

This strain was originally created by Joesy Whales and Mardogg. Back in 2014 it won High Times Best Hybrid and since then has become of the best hybrid strains to grow.

This cannabis seeds nickname comes from how the trichomes “glue up”

Gorilla Glue can provide an impressive THC content level up to 24%. It’s taste and aroma of citrus and pine.

One of the strongest strains on the market and loaded with trichomes. When smoked the high can be very positive and cheerful. Some would say that Gorilla Glue is the perfect mix of indica and sativa, especially if you’re looking for a euphoric and relaxing feeling.

Gorilla Glue can be grown both indoor and outdoors and individual plants show resin-dense buds that are loaded with sticky big trichomes.

5. Sour Diesel Seeds

This strain has been around for a long time gaining much respect from veteran and novice growers.

Sour Diesel flowers pretty quickly, it can take 8-10 weeks for this strain to begin flowering.

Sour Diesel is loved by many marijuana enthusiasts. It provides a long lasting cerebral high with THC content around 19% and CBD content at 0.80%. It has been deemed by some growers as being “spiritual”.

The aroma of its buds are a citrus and fruity odor. You can practicall smell this plant from miles away from the strength of its odor.


If you’re looking to buy the best cannabis seeds in Canada as a grower then you’ve come to the right site as there are hundreds of quality strains available. Weed List provides prices from various growers so you can compare and know you’re not getting ripped off.

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