While it may appear almost impossible, cannabis can grow outside in colder climates. Starting out with Marijuana seeds that have the best genetics to thrive in such conditions is the ideal way of getting an edge over this situation. Factors like temperature, water, air, nutrients, and location are worth considering when it comes to cultivating strong and healthy cannabis plants. Of course, cultivating cannabis plants within an enclosed grow tent gives the cultivator nearly full power over the environment. Pests are absent, lights are consistent and bright, and temperatures are warm. However, some cultivators are lucky enough to have huge outdoor spaces to use.

Growing weed outdoors and in colder climatic conditions comes with a broad range of challenges that may put off interested growers. Fortunately, there are seeds that are well adapted to cold conditions, allowing cultivators with farms in colder parts of the world to grow strong and quality cannabis plants. Keep reading to discover the top 7 cannabis seeds that can endure the cold and mature into healthy plants.

  1. White Widow

White Widow is one of the most popular strains around the world. Green House Seeds first bred this strain back in the 1990s. This unique strain is a cross between a sativa landrace from Brazil and resin-rich South Indian Indica. Since it is a Dutch variety, this strain is stronger and can withstand temperate weather conditions particularly those in Europe. This variety is treasured across the globe for its high-potency nature and the euphoric buzz if offers to consumers. Cultivators from different regions of the world love White Widow for its simple features and consistently strong high.

    What are the Best Methods for Cultivating White Widow?

    According to Green House Seeds, the best technique for growing this strain is using the screen of green (SCROG). Fill your indoor cultivation tent with several starts and embark on the process of creating a healthy canopy. Trim underneath the screen to get rid any excessive vegetation at least one or two weeks before flowering. However, don’t do any further pruning to avoid stress on the plants. This cannabis strain grows well either in a hydroponic setup or soil.

    Growth Settings and Feeding

    White Window is choosy when it comes to climate and feeding. In indoor settings, this weed strain grows into strong and healthy plants that synthesize plenty of trichomes. It can also grow well in outdoor settings, but it will require some extra care. Supply the plants with nitrogen to help them maintain a healthy growth during the vegetative stage. Once the plant starts to flower, level the soils and get the plant ready for nutrient recipes with higher levels of phosphorous.

    1. Hindu Kush

    This pure Indica strain originated from a mountain range that stretches from Pakistan to Afghanistan, and it is named after that mountain stretch. The hostile climate of its native country has toughened this strain to develop a protective layer of crystal trichomes loved by hash makers around the world. The Hindu Kush has an elusive sugary and earthy sandalwood scent, allowing it to trigger a strong sense of calm that is instrumental in bringing relief to individuals with stress disorders, nausea, and pain.

    Growing Methods

    This pure Indica strain expresses a short, thick, and bushy growth. Cultivators can take advantage of this growth style when cultivating in small indoor spaces. The Hindu Kush grows well in hydroponic setups and yields huge resinous buds. For maximum production, a sea of green (SOG) is recommended. Maintain the level of airflow in the garden high to minimize humidity in the thick canopy.

    Growth Settings and Feeding

    The Hindu Kush performs well in both outside and indoor settings. It is a perfect choice for cultivators with large garden spaces in colder regions. Apply nitrogen and CalMag at the initial stages, and then end with powerful bloom recipes to help generate dense buds.

    1. Afghan Kush

    This popular Indica strain originates from the Hindu Kush mountain stretch strategically located close to the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. Afghan Kush’s genotype has been improved for several centuries on this mountain range, making it the ideal source for hash like the sticky black Afghani hash and charas. Netherlands-based White Label Seed Company created these seeds of this indica strain and availed them to cultivators throughout the world. Afghan Kush grows into huge, blunt-topped nuggets with heavy resin. Valued for its significant resin content and strong sedating effects, this stain is a great choice for those who want to relax after a wearisome day.

    Growth Techniques and Feeding

    Although Afghan Kush favors temperate climates, it is still easy to cultivate and perform well even in cool climates. It produces generous yields and happens to be pests, parasites, and molds resistant. However, it is important to protect it from such organisms by feeding it with plenty of micronutrients. If cultivated indoors, it can flower within 8 weeks and produce about 16 ounces for each square meter.

    1. Polar Express

    Seeds of Polar Express exist today thanks to a trial with 20 unique Kush strains. Eventually, Auto Seeds decided to cross a California Kush with the globally revered Lowryder and Northern #5. The result of such passionate research is an exceptional strain with unparalleled flavor and effectiveness for an autoflower.  Polar Express Pot has a sweet and herbal scent that is dominant in the light smoke that has traces of incense and zest on the inhale while the exhale has hash and sandalwood.

    Growth Techniques

    The Polar Express strain remains short, ranging from 30 to 80 centimeters. Its minuscule size coupled with neutral smell during flowering makes this strain a perfect weed to cultivate if stealth is an important consideration.  This strain tends to generate a huge single kola with a large ratio of bud to kola. If you want to get maximum yields, do not prune or top this plant.

    1. OG Kush

    This popular hybrid strain has a little bit mysterious backstory. It offers a calming and sedative euphoric buzz. It has an earthy and pungent smell, and its buds are heavy with resinous crystals. Several years before the unveiling of legal dispensaries, OGK had already made its name in the black market, treasured for its consistent quality and stable high.

    Growing Techniques and Feeding

    This hybrid is at high risk of powdery mildew, but trimming will streamline airflow in the canopy.  OG Kush is an ideal strain to cultivate indoor with SOG or SCROG techniques to improve yields as well as bud size. Since the buds can become exceedingly heavy and dense, make a point of supporting them. The best way to strengthen the immune system of this strain is to adopt an indoor hydroponic setup. OG Kush starts flowering from 8 weeks onwards and performs excellently in outdoor settings as well. Another way of maximizing yields is heavily feeding this plant with magnesium and calcium.

    1. Critical Kush

    Critical Kush hailing from Barney’s Farm is a typically Indica strain that combines two revered cannabis staples: OG Kush and Critical Mass. Scented traces of earthiness and spice fade into a soothing feeling that calms the mind and body. It comes with an incredibly high THC level with a mild level of CBD, which makes this strain a great medication for muscle spasms, stress, insomnia, and pain. If you are planning to grow this strain, you will have to wait 50 to 60 days for it to finalize its flowering cycle.

    Growing Techniques and Feeding

    Critical Kush produces high yields in temperate climates, but it also has the strong genetics to withstand cooler ones. Growing these plants requires plenty of space. You should also prune frequently and trellis the branches to give the buds sufficient room to fill in. For a large harvest, consider growing this weed in greenhouses. During the flowering stage, feed these plants heavily.

    1. Critical Mass

    This indica-dominant strain is a combination of Afghani and Skunk#1 created by Mr. Nice Seed Bank. It is known worldwide for its capability to generate large harvests of quality marijuana. This strain has a sweet and earthy scent and offers an ecstatic, dreamy high that steadily fades into sleepiness. It takes between 6 to 8 weeks to flower. It will also grow well in both indoor and outdoor settings.

    Grow Techniques and Feeding

    If you are living in colder climates, consider keeping this strain indoors to keep mold issues away. Adopt hydroponic setups and leverage the SOG technique to maintain your garden space full and encourage large yields. Trim the lower canopy to enhance airflow and to lower the levels of humidity.  Use immune enhancing liquid nitrogen to keep the immune system of this strain healthy, particularly if you are growing hydroponically.


    The undeniable fact is that growing weed in the colder parts of the world is hard. The random sun and harsh conditions will test your marijuana to the limit. However, with the utmost care and the correct cannabis seeds for the job, it is possible to overcome the challenges and produce a large yield of quality marijuana. The 7 cannabis seed discussed in this article will help you realize your goal of cultivating healthy and high-yield cannabis plants in a cold climate.