Top 7 Dry Herb Vaporizers That Will Offer Value For Your Money

Over the years, vaporizers have transitioned from a niche smoking-ceasing aid into an ever-growing sub-culture all by itself. Although e-liquid vapes still control a big chunk of the market, many medical and recreational pot enthusiasts have adopted concentrate and dry-herb vaporizers at a fast-paced rate. These vaporizers have evolved from whip-style desktop designs to smaller portable vaporizers that give vapers an unequaled vaping experience. Many in the marijuana community believe vaping is more enjoyable and less harmful compared to smoking, which has led to the massive adoption of vaporizers.

This massive adoption has resulted in an increase in the number of vapers looking for vaporizers. Manufacturers deploy new herb vaporizers to the market almost daily to meet the ever-increasing demand. Although this can be amazing, the numerous options coupled with price points to pick from can overwhelm both new and veteran enthusiasts.  Fortunately, we have compiled a detailed guide to assist you in picking the right vaporizers for your special vaping needs.

1. Davinci IQ Vaporizer

Davinci is the manufacturer behind this innovative portable dry herb vaporizer. It delivers delightful flavor at higher temperatures and maintains flavor in the entire vaping sensation. If you are a cloud chaser, Davinci IQ is your go-to vaporizer. At low temperatures, this device will generate smooth flavorful hits. The product comes with a 10-year warranty, innovative software, replaceable battery, and ceramic zirconia mouthpieces.