The Connection between Marijuana and 420

origin of 420April 20 (4/20) comes and goes each year with a puff. While cynic say that 420 marijuana is just another excuse for the pot-heads to go ahead and do what they are best at, there is a historical significance to this. The 20th of April is celebrated as the National Weed Day every year to support the legend of Marijuana 420.

Irrespective of all that, there are certain myths that have developed in recent times about the concept of 420. The number ’420’ is considered to be a police radio code n California for cannabis consumption; but it is a complete fallacy. There is definitely a police code 420 in California that denotes a misdemeanor for the obstruction of public land.

The implications of the belief in 420 is far-reaching. It no longer exists as the code of any police code and has no such logical significance. Some people also said that 420 have been derived from the components of marijuana; marijuana must have 420 ingredients, but this was also ruled out as false.

History of 420

Research shows that the number ‘420’ is basically April 20 is the appreciation of Marijuana. It is also known as the Marijuana Appreciation Day or the National Weed Day. The origin of Weed day or 420 dates back to the 1970s when a group of children dubbed the Waldos from San Rafael High School in Northern California met at one particular location for smoking pot at 4:20 pm.

The term was basically used for indicating the time when they would gather at their favorite spot to look for cannabis and smoke marijuana; this is how 420 Marijuana code was coined. 420 is a symbol of the cannabis culture.

420 Today

Today as the April 20th events have been given an international feel, the time 4:20 has become a worldwide known “burn time”. While the history of the term is not so important today, it is the impact of the term on the teens of the modern day that matters.

Different parts of the state observe this day as a holiday for the same occasion, with a different touch, the University of Colorado celebrates at the Boulder campus; Marleyest in Austin, Texas celebrates marijuana 420; Canadian observance includes celebrations in Ottawa, Montreal, Ontario, Vancouver and states like New Zealand also take up charge to mark this day. April 20 and 4/20 is synonymous; the West celebrates this day and the hour with great enthusiasm each year.

The 20th day of April, which is also referred as 4/20 according to US date notation, has evolved to become a counterculture holiday, where people can gather to celebrate as well as consume cannabis. Some events related to this have a political nature as well that advocated for the decriminalization of the non-medical cannabis in the United States of America.

There are many other facts that have been associated with 420 such as the birthday of Hitler, which has nothing to do with the term 420 in real life. According to modern world, ‘420’ is sign for parents to be aware of the increasing trend of drugs and smoking for teens.

Non-smokers are usually unaware of the term and its relevance. The term is now considered as a symbol of the cannabis and cultures related to it.

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