If you’re new to smoking you probably think weed is just weed. You get the same lazy feeling every time you smoke. Well, there are a ton of different strains out there and they are classified into 3 categories: indica, sativa and hybrid. Each has a different effect and each is used for a different purpose.


An indica strain is any strain that is 80% or higher indica and 20% or lower sativa. It is commonly used as medicine as it can be used to treat nausea, insomnia, arthritis and many other ailments.

The indica plant is small and bushy. Its leaves are wide due to the plant having more vegetative content. This produces buds that are very dense and feel airy. They are almost completely hairless and can boast really dark purples.

The overall high of an indica is a more relaxed and tired feeling. Indicas are mainly a body high which is great for pain management. This is the strain you want for a nice relaxing day.

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A sativa strain is any strain that is 80% or more sativa and 20% or lower indica. This is the strain you want to use when you want to have a good time or you need to get something done. Sativas are known to give you energy and make you feel happy and giddy.

The sativa plant is tall and spread out. The leaves are thin due to lack of vegetation. This produces buds that are less dense than an indica’s bud. The sativa buds are spongy and very hairy. They can often be dark greens and orange.

The high of a sativa is great. You have energy and can focus on things much easier. This isn’t the case all of the time though. You are definitely going to have a good high with a sativa.

Deals on Sativa Strains


A hybrid strain is any strain that is 60/40 or less of either strain. Hybrids can often cause the effects of both sativa and indica when smoking.

Deals on Hybrid Strains

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