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What is Cannabis Sativa?

Among the innumerable amounts of strains that exist today, over 99% of them are derived from either Cannabis Indica or Cannabis Sativa plants. It is essential to know the fundamental differences between these two strains, so that you can make an educated decision when choosing the best medicine for your condition. Growing Conditions Sativa plants are much taller and thinner than Indica plants and grow much narrower leaves in a lighter shade of green. They can grow as quickly as 20 feet in a single season, thus making them better suited for outdoor growing. Their geographical origins range from equatorial Colombia and Mexico to Thailand and Southeast Asia. Once the plants begin flowering, they will take on average 10 [...]

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Cannabis Sativa Strain: Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is one of those strains that everyone has heard of; and with good reason! The majority of people who have smoked Sour Diesel (sometimes referred to as Sour D), report that the strain makes them feel outgoing, happy, and relives any pain they were experiencing beforehand. Back in 2006 the potent sativa strain was even awarded the prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup. I have the pleasure of knowing a patient who has a medicinal marijuana growing license, so I got to watch this beautiful plant sprout from tiny seeds and grow up to be 5 – 6 feet tall. These 90% sativa plants’ leaves started to turn a deep purple during their blooming stage and it was really [...]

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