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What are Feminized Seeds?

Feminized Seeds Perhaps you have heard of the term feminized seeds from fellow growers. As the term might be a relatively new one for you, you might be asking yourself what exactly makes feminized seeds a hot item for particular growers. For those who want nothing less than growing the best weed out there, these are seeds they must keep an eye on. In this article, I would talk about what it means to have marijuana feminized and how it can potentially help growers (and users) get the product they want. The Concept Of Feminization Actually, when you say the word feminization, this is actually a plant culturing technique that goes beyond marijuana plants. This is a process wherein an [...]

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Understanding The Different Types Of Cannabis Seeds

There are potentially thousands of different types of cannabis seeds from and this number is constantly growing. At a high level, seeds can be classified based on specification such as strain, growing environment and growth type. There are two main strain types: Indica The indica strain is typically consumed for medicinal purposes and typically have a profile of low THC and high CBD content. Indica is a perfect strain in aiding those suffering from depression and anxiety. Sativa The sativa strain contains high THC and low CBD making it ideal for those suffering from chronic pain. What are the 3 main cannabis seeds by growth types? 1) Regular Cannabis Seeds When purchasing regular seeds they can be both male and [...]

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