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High CBD Cannabis Seeds to Grow at Home

Cannabidiol or CBD is the non-psychoactive compound found in marijuana which is effective in helping users treat ailments such as muscle tension, inflammation, chronic pain, headaches and arthritis. All cannabis has medicinal properties, and while THC (the psychoactive compound which gets you high) has its place to treat certain ailments, this blog will focus on seeds which yield high CBD strains. Purchasing marijuana can be quite expensive and growing your own staff can save you plenty of money in the long run. Of course growing your own batch of high CBD cannabis has its own associated costs such as a slightly higher electricity bill (if you're growing indoors), it is far less expensive than purchasing. Growing your own crops can [...]

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What are Feminized Seeds?

Feminized Seeds Perhaps you have heard of the term feminized seeds from fellow growers. As the term might be a relatively new one for you, you might be asking yourself what exactly makes feminized seeds a hot item for particular growers. For those who want nothing less than growing the best weed out there, these are seeds they must keep an eye on. In this article, I would talk about what it means to have marijuana feminized and how it can potentially help growers (and users) get the product they want. The Concept Of Feminization Actually, when you say the word feminization, this is actually a plant culturing technique that goes beyond marijuana plants. This is a process wherein an [...]

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6 Popular Cannabis Seeds

CHOOSING A STRAIN Choosing the best strain of marijuana for you is not difficult. Indica, sativa are the two basic cannabis families. SATIVAS - The polar opposite of indicas. Tall, thin plants, narrow leaves, lighter green colors, grow quick, extend to heights of 20 feet in some cases. Origins are traced back to Mexico, Columbia and southeast Asia. Flowering times vary from 10 to 16 weeks, normally longer than indicas. Taste ranges from earthy to fruity. A good head stone. A great outdoor favorite. INDICAS - Short thick plants, broad leaves, darker green, flowering in 8 to 10 weeks with thick dense flower tops. Flavours from stinky skunk to fruity sweet. Origins traced back to Afghanistan, Morocco and Tibet. More of a body [...]

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Understanding The Different Types Of Cannabis Seeds

There are potentially thousands of different types of cannabis seeds from and this number is constantly growing. At a high level, seeds can be classified based on specification such as strain, growing environment and growth type. There are two main strain types: Indica The indica strain is typically consumed for medicinal purposes and typically have a profile of low THC and high CBD content. Indica is a perfect strain in aiding those suffering from depression and anxiety. Sativa The sativa strain contains high THC and low CBD making it ideal for those suffering from chronic pain. What are the 3 main cannabis seeds by growth types? 1) Regular Cannabis Seeds When purchasing regular seeds they can be both male and [...]

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Top Cannabis Seeds to Buy in Canada

Weed List provides hundreds of cannabis strains for those looking to buy weed online in Canada however if you're looking to grow your own weed, you can also find hundreds of types of cannabis seeds including regular seeds, auto regular, feminized seeds, auto feminized, auto-flowering and high CBD seeds. Since legalization of cannabis in Canada, select provinces have been granted the ability to grow up to four plants. Unfortunately those privileges to grow your own crop happened in the fall. This spring/summer of 2019, Canadians growers will finally be able  to grow their favorite strain in their own backyard. If you're looking to get a head start on growing your own weed this year these 5 cannabis seeds are worth [...]

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Cooking with Cannabis & Cannabis Nutrition

The popular school of thought for how to cook with marijuana is to extract the essential oil to ingest. The process for making cannabis bud butter is available on the world wide web. Marijuana butter aka cannabutter is a main staple in cooking with cannabis. Simply experiment with a stick of butter and some dried marijuana bud. Simmer, try a slow cooker, under low heat for awhile, from 30 minutes to 24 hours. Take note of the amounts of butter to cannabis and the time used to complete the cooking. An average ratio is 4 ounces of butter to an 1/8th ounce of marijuana. You can adjust and find the ratio of butter to bud for your personal tastes. Butter [...]

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Equipment & Lighting for Growing Marijuana

While growing marijuana can be enjoyable as a hobby. It can be frustrating! So I am going to help you grow the best marijuana you can and hopefully avoid some of the pitfalls. We want to only grow the best because that is what every home gardener wants his garden to be, the best! So here are things you can do to help you through your seasons. We will get into the seed and all the way into the flowering stages of marijuana. While it is easy to make a seed start to grow, many things can kill them as they break out of their little shell. First lets go over seeds and seed-starting. Cannabis seeds come in a variety [...]

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Harvesting Cannabis 101

Harvesting is one thing the grower has looked forward to since the day they decided to plant a crop, since the day they ordered cannabis seeds from a seed bank, and from the day they began germinating the seeds. This is also a time when the grower will need to prepare the plants about two weeks prior to actually harvesting them. There are several things that can make harvesting perfect and result in having a quality smokeable yield. Two weeks prior to harvesting the cannabis crop watering should be done with distilled water or reverse osmosis filtered water. The reason for this is to filter the toxins left from fertilizer out of the soil which the roots will also be [...]

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