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What is Cannabis Sativa?

Among the innumerable amounts of strains that exist today, over 99% of them are derived from either Cannabis Indica or Cannabis Sativa plants. It is essential to know the fundamental differences between these two strains, so that you can make an educated decision when choosing the best medicine for your condition. Growing Conditions Sativa plants are much taller and thinner than Indica plants and grow much narrower leaves in a lighter shade of green. They can grow as quickly as 20 feet in a single season, thus making them better suited for outdoor growing. Their geographical origins range from equatorial Colombia and Mexico to Thailand and Southeast Asia. Once the plants begin flowering, they will take on average 10 [...]

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Indica Vs. Sativa, what is the difference?

When growing medical marijuana, there is often a question of what strains are best, questions such as which are easier to grow indoors and what medical benefits are likely to occur.  Before you worry about what particular seeds to purchase, consider whether you want to be growing cannabis sativa or cannabis indica; two different sub-species that produce different high effects. Where do they come from? Sativa plants are traditionally from warm regions of the globe, such as the tropics and near the equator.  The sativa strain is known to most commonly grow in Central America, Africa and South East Asia.  Since they are accustomed to a humid and sunny atmosphere, they are also accustomed to having to grow taller to outreach other [...]

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Cannabis Plant Strains

Technically and legally, all cannabis, whether rope or dope, is classified as Cannabis saliva. Regardless of origin, all cannabis is considered Cannabis sativa (C sativa) under international law. However, according to Hemp Diseases and Pests, Dr. J. M. McPartland, R. C. Clarke, and D. P. Watson, CAB International, Cannabis sativa can be further classified as: Cannabis sativa (= C sativa var. sativa), Cannabis indica (= C. sativa var. indica), Cannabis ruderalis (= C sativa var. spondanea), Cannabis afghanica (= C sativa var. afghanica). Each has distinct growth patterns, look, smell, taste, etc. Cannabis Sativa Cannabis sativa (= C sativa var. sativa), originated predominately in Asia, the Americas, and Africa. Each area of origin has specific characteristics, but all have the [...]

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Cannabis Sativa Strain: Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is one of those strains that everyone has heard of; and with good reason! The majority of people who have smoked Sour Diesel (sometimes referred to as Sour D), report that the strain makes them feel outgoing, happy, and relives any pain they were experiencing beforehand. Back in 2006 the potent sativa strain was even awarded the prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup. I have the pleasure of knowing a patient who has a medicinal marijuana growing license, so I got to watch this beautiful plant sprout from tiny seeds and grow up to be 5 – 6 feet tall. These 90% sativa plants’ leaves started to turn a deep purple during their blooming stage and it was really [...]

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Methods of Using Cannabis

Choosing the Medicine : The medical values of THC, CBD and other Cannabinoids. Which cannabis? There are two strains of cannabis; Cannabis 'Sativa' and Cannabis 'Indica'. Both contain large amounts of THC, but Cannabis 'Indica' contains other cannabinoids such as CBD and CBN. These are similar to THC, but have different effects on the body and can be used in different ways. THC causes the feelings of euphoria, creativity and a sense of well-being which are often called being ‘high’. It also reduces blood pressure and nausea, benefits cancer patients taking chemotherapy, AIDS patients who have reduced appetite and patients with uncontrolled glaucoma. CBN and CBD cannabinoids create a stronger sedative physical effect useful for pain relief and reducing muscle [...]

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