The cannabis market has evolved and has introduced new and safer methods of ingesting cannabis. With the introduction of vaporizers and vape pens into the market, joint rolling is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Most vape pen kits typically include concentrate cartridges which often times include pre-filled THC oil which connects to the pen, a pen-like battery and charger. All you have to do is connect two pieces and you’re good to go. Switching to a vape pen also means you won’t have to handle weed anymore.

What is Distillate?

Distillate is a cannabis concentrate that is produced through a refinement process which separates compounds such as THC and any impurities. The distillate oil which result in the extraction process contain as much as 90-99% THC. The process to make distillate is similar to how alcohol is made.

How Do I Use Distillates?

There are several ways that distillates can be used including orally on the tongue, mixed with flowers in a joint, using a dab rig, mixed with food and for the sake of this blog – consumed using vape pens. Be cautious when applying to joints or edibles as it can be extremely potent, so it’s recommended to start off with small doses.

When consumed the effects are almost immediate. Patients seeking pain relief, suffering from Crones or even Cancer can find tremendous benefits from this type of cannabis extract.

Whether you’re a newbie who can’t roll for shit or an expert who can roll a perfect cone, we’re going to go over some alternatives that might make your retire from the joint game.

Distillate vape pens offer several benefits over smoking which include:
-Better for your lungs – Vaping is definitely a healthier alternative to smoking as you’re not breathing all the toxins, carcinogens and nicotine contained in cigarettes. In fact cigarettes can become a bronchio-constrictor, vaping concentrates can open up the airways. Vaporizing marijuana
emits vapor that is 95% smoke and carcinogen free.

Can be smoked indoors – The vape smoke is typically odorless and depending on the type of cartridge can sometimes produce a nice fragrance when exhaled.

Economical – Pens aren’t very expensive and can range from $50-80 dollars. The cartridges can delivery around 150 pulls.

Better absorption – 95% of the THC is absorbed in the first few seconds of inhaling. Cannabinoids are highly combustible and delicate trichomes are destroyed when cannabis is smoked rather than vaped.

Better flavour – Vaping allows you to experience a more diverse range of fragrances and flavours from concentrates or cartridges.

Discrete – Vaping is much more discrete than smoking as it doesn’t emit a strong cannabis compared to when smoked, however this might not matter as Canada will soon allow cannabis smoking to be treated the same as tobacco smoking.

No prep work & cleanup necessary – No need to waste time rolling and dropping pieces of weed on the floor. Vaping allows you to consume cannabis in much more efficient manner.

Recommended Distillate Vape Pens

There are several other factors as to why vaping cannabis is better than smoking. We decided to cover 5 of the highest rated vape pens commonly found in marijuana dispensaries, mail order marijuana websites and right here on Weed List.

We’ve tested the following disposable cannabis vape pens on the criteria of ingestion, strength of cannabis oil and taste and thirdly price.

1. 91 Supreme CO² Vaporizer Kit

This easy to use distillate vape pen uses real cannabis-derived terpenesmade from “super-critical CO2 extraction”. If you purchase the kit it will include a 320 mAh battery which allows you to vape using 3 heat settings. When we reviewed the 91 Supreme Distillate Pen we found it to provide a smooth flavourful draw and nice high from the Chem Scout cartridge. Whether you’re a newbie or expert you’ll love this pen.

2. Tucann Distillate Vaporizer Pens

The disposable vaporizer pen is sleek and well designed. It has a neat design as its been inspired by the Amazon rain forest which coincides with its taste. It uses cartridges filled with distillate made from organically-grown cannabis derived terpenes that allow users to enjoy a fruity flavor when ingested. The Tucann’s batter can output 320 mAh and provides users with 100 puffs per unit.

We tested this pen with the strawberry banana flavour which provided a very rich and flavour taste followed by a sweet buzz.

3. Hooti Extract Distillate Vape Pens

The distillate cartridges contain a 92% cannabis and solven-free extract that is processed through a short loop distillation. The Hooti pens are designed with ceramic coils for efficient combustion. Each Hoot Extract Distillate Pen Kit comes with a 320 mAh battery and cartridges that allow up to 150 puffs. This pen has been a huge hit among cannabis users, whether consumed for recreational purposes or pain relief. Very smooth draw! We found the train wreck to pack a real punch followed by a relaxing body buzz.

4. Flyte Vape Pen

Last but not least, the Flyte Pen which can easily be classified as a state-of-the-art distillate vaporizer which has been one of the top-rated pens. It has been popular among both recreational or medicinal marijuana users looking for immediate pain relief. Flyte uses a proprietary method of cannabis distillation which removes all impurities. The Flyte Pen Kit includes a charger, battery and one cartridge. This was actually the first distillate vape pen we’ve tested when we attended the Cannabis Conference in Toronto. We found the Flyte pens to provide a noticeably smooth and flavourful draw.

Distillate vape pens are a great alternative to rolling joints since they are efficient, safe and less harmful than smoking cannabis.