If you’ve been prescribed medical marijuana and you know you’re not interested in eating it, you have the option of smoking it or vaporizing it. For some people, smoking is entirely acceptable and something they actually enjoy. For other people, however, smoking may actually be the least preferable means of ingesting marijuana. This is particularly true for people who spend a lot of time maintaining their cardiovascular health. For such individuals, smoking is never a good idea as far as they are concerned. Vaporizing may provide an alternative to this, particularly for those individuals who also want to avoid eating extra food to get their marijuana.


Smoking is the most common way that most people have likely used marijuana. For many people, smoking feels harsh and difficult. If you do plan on smoking, there are some ways that you can lessen this feeling.

First, you don’t need to hold the smoke in to get the effect. There is a widespread misconception that, when you take a puff off a pipe, joint or bong, you’ll get a stronger effect if you hold the smoke in your lungs as long as you can. Studies have demonstrated that this is not true. In fact, taking short, shallow puffs is the best way to get the effects of marijuana without having the experience feel too harsh on your lungs.

Marijuana smoke does contain substances other than the beneficial ones found in the marijuana plant. Nothing in the marijuana plant specifically poses a risk of harm, but smoking itself is sometimes associated with irritation of the lungs and, depending upon the type of smoking inhaled, other respiratory conditions. This is why some people prefer the second option, which is to vaporize marijuana.


Vaporizing devices come in designs that require you to put them on a table and in designs that you can carry in your pocket. They are generally much more expensive than a simple pipe, a pack of rolling papers or a water pipe. Vaporizing, however, does take up to 95% of the smoke out of the mist you inhale when you vaporize the marijuana.

The way vaporizing works is by not actually combusting the cannabis. In the vaporizing process, the heating element only gets hot enough to vaporize the parts of the marijuana you actually want. When the marijuana reaches this temperature, it isn’t heated up any further, which prevents from actually combusting.

Most people report that vaporizing marijuana is not nearly as harsh as smoking marijuana. Particularly if you want a way to get marijuana that finds a happy medium between the extra calories associated with eating treats and the smoke associated with smoking, vaporizing may be a good option for you.

There is a lot of information available about the different ways that you can get marijuana. Taking it in capsule form is yet another option, though it is oftentimes not a preferred one among most patients. Remember to consult with your physician, as well, about the b