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Top 10 Join Rollers to Roll a Perfect Joint

Learning to roll a joint is a right of passage for many cannabis users. However this is a skill developed through time, patience and practice. Even when mastered the art of joint rolling, it takes up precious time and furthermore can leave a mess. This is why a joint roller or joint rolling machine is perfect investment every stoner should make and best of all, you don't have to break bank to buy one. We'll be covering several popular joint rolling machines found online which allow you to easily roll joints in seconds. Of course, these joint rolling machines were intended for rolling cigarettes however their multipurpose use will still allow you to roll perfect joints or blunts. You'll also [...]

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Smoking Marijuana vs. Vaporizing Marijuana

If you've been prescribed medical marijuana and you know you're not interested in eating it, you have the option of smoking it or vaporizing it. For some people, smoking is entirely acceptable and something they actually enjoy. For other people, however, smoking may actually be the least preferable means of ingesting marijuana. This is particularly true for people who spend a lot of time maintaining their cardiovascular health. For such individuals, smoking is never a good idea as far as they are concerned. Vaporizing may provide an alternative to this, particularly for those individuals who also want to avoid eating extra food to get their marijuana. Smoking Smoking is the most common way that most people have likely used marijuana. [...]

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How to Roll an Awesome Joint

Below we will teach you the basics of rolling a joint but if you already know how to roll a simple joint then feel free to move on to some of the more advanced joints that you can find on the menu to the right. How to Easily Roll a Joint... The Mix This is often considered the most cruicial part of rolling a joint. Ensure that there are absolutely no lumpy bits in the mix. This will help greatly when rolling your joint. Distribution The distribution of the mix in the paper is important as it determines the shape of your joint. Most joints are cone shaped so you are better off going for that shape. Whilst [...]

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Introduction to Pipes

Smoking from a pipe is a very effective way to use marijuana. Unfortunately, they can be confusing to first-time users and even experienced users are sometimes caught off guard by the immense variety of available pipes. This article introduces the concept of the pipe and begins to explore some of the variations on the traditional pipe. History Surprisingly (or not), the first recorded use of the pipe was for the purpose of smoking marijuana. Herodotus, a Greek historian wrote of the Scythians using pipes to inhale the smoke of leaves which caused intoxication. Native Americans used large “peace pipes” to smoke tobacco. The smoking of tobacco spread to Europe and other parts of the world during the 16th century and pipe-smoking was [...]

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Introduction to Bongs/Water-pipes

For many full-time smokers, bongs are the method of choice for smoking marijuana. By filtering the smoke through cold water and ice, even large hits can feel relatively smooth. First time users may find using a bong quite difficult, so this article introduces the history, construction, and use of bongs. History The bong is mechanically very similar to that of thehookah. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish in historical documents. The etymology, on the other hand, is quite clear. It originates from the Thai wordbaung, a cylindrical wooden tube, pipe, or container cut from bamboo. Bongs similar to the ones we are familiar with today have probably been in use for centuries in Laos, Thailand and other countries in Southeast Asia. As far as its [...]

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