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Long recognized as a consistently excellent and easy-growing strain for neophyte growers and green thumbs alike, it isn’t hard to see why Super Skunk is one of the most popular marijuana seeds on the market. These auto-flowering feminized seeds produce rapidly flowering plants with robust stems and branches, all the better to support typically large and pungent buds. As a potent, Indica-dominant strain, Super Skunk produces a sedating body high and is known for its powerful “couch-lock” effect. The compact, aromatic plants produce a very distinctive skunk scent that is immediately recognizable. This strain is known for its pleasant smoking qualities, producing a sweet, delicate citrus flavor and a smooth finish. Super Skunk flourishes indoors but can also thrive when grown outdoors in temperate climates and suitable soil conditions.

Plant typeAuto-flowering
ClassificationIndica-dominant (80%)
HeightCompact (16 to 28 inches)
YieldAverage (140 grams per square meter)
THC levelAverage (14 percent)
Flowering timeShort (48 days)


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