Royal Madre Feminized Seeds (Royal Queen Seeds)

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This variety is primarily the results of crossing Jack the Ripper with Queen Madre and is a Royal Queen Seeds exclusive. Ultimately, it has a heritage of 75% sativa and 25% indica.

The feminized cannabis seeds of Royal Madre are easy to cultivate. With eight weeks until flowering, they’re on the early end of the growing period. Indoors, they grow to an easy-to-handle range of 60 centimetres to one metre in height. With a typical climate-controlled set up, they’ll produce between 400 and 450 grams of resin from one square metre of crops.

If you prefer an outdoor setting and have the right conditions, you can expect plants of between one and just under one-and-a-half metres in height. This makes them relatively compact for the grower. In this situation, they’ll yield up to 500 grams from each plant and are ready for harvest in October. With a heritage that’s mostly indica, it’s no surprise Royal Madre has a strong Cannabinoid content and dense form. Both of its parents, Jack the Reaper and Queen Madre, have been described as fruity-tasting. Expect the same flavour here.

Additional Information

SeedbankRoyal Queen Seeds
VarietyMostly Sativa
Strain GeneticsJack The Reaper x Queen Madre
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time8 weeks
Where to GrowIndoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Harvest MonthEarly October
Taste / FlavorFruity
Plant HeightIndoors: 60 – 100 cm & Outdoors: 100 – 140 cm
CBD ContentLow
THC Content18%
YieldIndoors: 425-475 gr/m2 & Outdoors: 450-500 gr/plant


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