Skywalker Ghost + Triangle Kush Seeds

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Skywalker Ghost + Triangle Kush combines several top-rated OG Kush strains to create an absolutely perfect new blend that stops pain and depression in their tracks. First up is cut-only Triangle Kush from Florida. This is a very rare but highly sought-after strain that’s almost too low yielding to catch the interest of commercial growers. However, the quality and laid-back high more than make up for the lack of bulk.

Skywalker OG is next in this near-narcotic, Indica-dominant mix. This exceptional hybrid mixes classic OG Kush from the LA area with Dutch Passion’s award-winning Skywalker. Very little of Skywalker’s Blueberry is left, but the pain relief is epic. Finally, Ghost OG, another Cup winner, adds more potency, more resin and a touch of citrus aroma.

Once combined, this genetic smorgasbord had no choice but to practically ooze with both potency and resin. Although the dried flowers are without compare, we can’t recommend these cannabis seeds enough for concentrates. The final extracted yield is exceptional. Whether you’re a recreational dabber or you prefer to medicate with oils and edibles, Skywalker Ghost + Triangle Kush cannabis seeds were literally made for you!




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