Mango (High CBD) Seeds

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Overflowing with Terpene-Filled Trichomes

If you’re looking for a medical marijuana seed with a fruity smell and taste that’s delightfully sweet, CBD Mango fits the bill. This high-CBD strain has slightly more CBD than THC for enhanced therapeutic benefits and very little psychoactivity. It’s a great choice for anyone who needs an all-natural, alternative treatment option for pain, insomnia or muscle spasms but can’t tolerate a raging head high.

CBD Mango cannabis seeds produce large, rounded buds that are literally saturated with gooey resin. The wealth of visible crystals make the entire plant shimmer with every ray of available light, and even some of the smaller fans will be stiff with frost. This is a fantastic extract strain, and as long as you choose a method that keeps the linalool and pinene terpenes intact, the ripe mango flavor and aroma will carry through.

When growing CBD Mango inside, start your weed seeds in organic soil for the best results. They like a lot of organic matter, so adding some worm castings or compost tea will boost your yield. Most plants are fairly tall with wide intermodal spacing and lots of bud sites, but the branches are rarely sturdy enough to hold the full weight of the ripening flowers. Add a support system early on to avoid loss due to breakage.

Flavor:Tropical Mango
Aroma:Tropical Mango
Indica or Sativa:Indica
Indoor or Outdoor:Both
Genetics:Mango X High CBD
Indoor Flowering Time:8 to 9 Weeks
Indoor Yield:450 gr/m2
Outdoor Flowering Time:Middle of October
Outdoor Yield:700 gr/plant
Height:Tall, Up to 2 Meters Outside
Autoflowering Seed:No


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