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To create CBD Super Silver cannabis seeds, Green House’s award-winning Super Silver Haze was crossed with a superior high-CBD variety to turn one of the most popular and trippiest Sativas into a milder, anxiety-free medical strain. THC and CBD average about six percent each for an even 1:1 ratio, but some of you could also end up with a rare phenotype with CBD near the 20 percent mark and practically no THC. If you get lucky, make plenty of clones and share.

Because there is some THC in the CBD Super Silver strain, some patients may feel a very slight mental lift, but it won’t even be close to a recreational high. Instead, the enhanced CBD levels kick in the therapeutic benefits of this medical marijuana seed to help relieve pain, anxiety, inflammation, lack of appetite and many other ailments. CBD Super Silver flowers are highly sought-after for the production of medical-grade extracts and oils because of their extra-thick coating of resin.

If you’re growing CBD Super Silver from weed seed, keep your plants inside unless you live in a tropical area. They can’t tolerate cold or overly damp conditions, and they require an extended growing season outside. Plants are generally tall with long branches and take well to ScrOG and LST training methods. If you let your seedlings grow naturally, they’ll still yield well, but they will need plenty of support as soon as the buds start to show.

Flavor:Lemon and Spice
Aroma:Citrus & Mixed Fruit
Indica or Sativa:Sativa
Indoor or Outdoor:Both
Genetics:Original Super Silver Haze X High CBD Strain
Indoor Flowering Time:10 to 11 Weeks
Indoor Yield:500 gr/plant
Outdoor Flowering Time:Middle of October
Outdoor Yield:1000 gr/plant
Autoflowering Seed:No


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