Purple Kush Seeds

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Purple Kush yields vivid purple buds, fine orange hairs, a heady scent and a satisfying smoking experience. The purple coloration becomes more pronounced as harvest time approaches. The Purple Kush family traces its roots to the Himalayan region, which has a deep tradition of producing exceptional cannabis. You can look forward to a fruity aroma with hints of grapefruit, honey and red wine. In some cases, smokers may notice an earthy aftertaste. Auto Purple Kush delivers mild euphoria, feelings of introspection and a relaxing body high. It is ideal for combating stress, insomnia and nerve pain. Auto Purple Kush is a hardy cannabis plant that grows well indoors or outdoors.

Cannabis type

Genetic background
Hindu Kush, Purple Afghani

Growing height

Growing time
Average 55-65 days

400/500 grams per square metre

THC level
15 percent to 20 percent

Herbal, citrus, sweet

Euphoria, relaxation



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