Conspiracy Kush Regular Seeds (TGA Subcool Seeds)

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Conspiracy Kush is a hybrid that is an excellent choice for growers who are looking for an indica dominant plant. Most all phenotypes will have a middle of the road growth structure when it comes to height. When it comes to bud structure, you will be impressed to say the least. This strain contains heavy, dense, frosty white flowers, backed with tons of color variations, containing deep purples to light pinks, making great bag appeal. The effect is quick, strong and euphoric. Lastly, flavors and aromas vary depending on the phenotype, but all will have a fruity, almost citrus funk, grabbing characteristics from all parents around the board. There are five main phenotypes. All have very different smells ranging from fruit smoothie to a lemon musk with a hint of funk. The main difference between phenotypes is the variations of colors ranging from violets to dark purples with a heavily frosted bud structure that can have pink undertones.

Additional Information

SeedbankTGA Subcool Seeds
VarietyMostly Indica
Strain GeneticsObama Kush x Space Queen
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time55 – 60 days
Where to GrowIndoor, Outdoor
Plant HeightShort – Medium
CBD Content0.1%
THC Content22%


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