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Grow like a God with the Titan 3 state-of-the-art 250 watt grow light from the experts at Cirrus LED Systems. Regarded as the most technologically-advanced grow light on the market, it boasts a long list of industry firsts and exclusive features.

Most notable of these features are Cirrus’ MCOB array featuring UV and IR diodes. Designed and engineered to maximize power and efficiency, the MCOB array also gives you full control of your grow lights.

UV light has been shown to increase resin production by up to 28% during the last two weeks of flowering. When combined with red light, IR light has been shown to significantly increase the rate of photosynthesis. This is known as the Emerson Effect.

Titan series LED grow lights also feature the exclusive Cirrus Leaf App, which allows you to wirelessly customize your light schedule, intensities, and spectrum from any iOS or Android device.


  • 250 watt draw at the wall (500 watt HID replacement)
  • Fully-Adjustable Spectrum, Lighting, and Dimming Schedule
  • True Full-Spectrum Including UV and IR
  • State-of-the-Art Proprietary mCOBs
  • WiFi Enabled (App-Based iOS/Android)
  • UL, ROHS, CE

Cirrus Titan 3 Specs

Model/SKU: Titan 3/titan3

Power output: 250 watts

HID replacement: 500 watts

LEDs: 18 proprietary mCOB’s; 50,000 hour lifespan 

Spectrum: Full-spectrum includes UV and IR for seed-to-harvest growth

Beam angle: 120°

Thermal management: Heatsinks and cooling fans

Dimensions: 19.6″ (length) x 15.1″ (width) x 3.7″ (height)

Operating/input voltage: 110-277 VAC

Weight: 26 lbs

Power factor: >95%

Coverage area: 3′ x 3′ (9 sq ft) at 18-36″ above canopy

Additional details: Aluminum housing, tempered glass; UL listed; Built for moisture resistance in damp environments

Recommended for: Full-cycle seed-to-harvest growing; Grow rooms; Greenhouses; Controlled agriculture, Soil, hydroponic, aeroponic systems

Manufacturer’s Warranty: 5 years


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