Milk Chocolates by Buuda Bomb

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Our classic chocolates are far from basic. Humble and modest flavours built from genuine organic milk chocolate with a hint of vanilla. Go ahead and have more than one, we know you’ve been craving them.

  • 10 cannabis-infused gummies
  • Each bag contains 100mg of THC
  • Available in Canada only



Buuba Bomb’s Milk Chocolate are not your average snack. These cannabis infused chocolates are created with organic, humble ingredients including real milk chocolate and vanilla. These indulgent snacks are irresistible and perfect for decompressing after a long day. Each package of Buuda Bomb Milk Chocolates contain 5 hybrid cannabis-infused chocolates and 100mg of THC in total.

MEDICAL EFFECTS: Happy, relief of depression, euphoric, relaxed.

WARNING ADVISORY: May contain nuts.


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