LSD Shatter by Phyto Extractions is a a very psychoactive concentrate. Named after the famous psychedelic drug LSD, it packs a powerful cerebral high.

LSD is a cross between a Mazar and wide range of skunk varieties, mostly Skunk #1, created by Barney’s Farm. Although this strain is normally not recommended for new growers, it is fairly easy to maintain. The LSD strain is very resistant to disease and can be grown outdoors and indoors. A flowering period on the longer side of 65-78 days allows for a large harvest.

On the shorter side, LSD only grows to 60 centimeters tall. The strain is usually ready for harvest in April for the Southern Hemisphere and October for the North.

It has been recorded of having up to 24% THC levels with a CBD level on the lower scale.

Starting off with a rush of happiness and euphoria, it’s perfect for anyone who is suffering with depression, stress, and anxiety. Most users experience an overwhelming feeling of creativity and energy towards art, painting, and engineering.

Phyto LSD is a Hybrid extract that has more dominant Indica roots. Don’t let the fact it’s an Indica fool you, the body high packs a punch. A strong body buzz is achieved for 1-2 hours after being ingested. Great for anyone who suffers chronic pain and likes to have mental stimulation as well.

Another great feature of the LSD strain is it’s migraine relieving properties. As long as the ability to reduce head aches, it’s perfect for sufferers of insomnia.