Ahi Tuna Kush by Green Supreme

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TASTEDiesel, Gas, Earthy, Pungent & Pine



Green Supreme is a local Canadian collective that was established on the west coast, in British Columbia. These artisans take pride in their small, select craft-grows and aspire to provide top-notch, premium AAAA+ grade cannabis for both medicinal and recreational users. Green Supreme is more than just a producer of craft-cannabis and concentrates, they are a lifestyle brand with the endeavor to educate, heal, and show the world the beauty that lies within the benefits of cannabis.

Essentially, air is a necessary requirement for life, but it can also be detrimental in regards to cannabis – oxidization may lead to the the degradation of aroma, freshness and taste. Over time, cannabis users have become aware of how simple factors such as humidity could affect the quality of their cannabis. After much research, Green Supreme has come up with an innovative solution to this age-old problem, by processing their AAAA+ grade flowers and sealing them in aluminum cans. Each can is sealed with a user-friendly pop-top lid to create an air-tight, humidity controlled, odourless packaging and a re-usable plastic lid to keep flowers fresh and moist after opening.



2 reviews for Ahi Tuna Kush by Green Supreme

  1. Jim Downey

    Give them a try, you’ll not be disappointed with the customer services or more importantly the product that they handle

  2. Amie V

    This is a powerful strain that hits you pretty hard. I found the next day I felt pretty groggy and low energy but I find this is common when I consume indica strains. If you have sleep issues like insomnia than Ahi Tuna Kush is a worthwhile strain. I found it similar to Rockstar Kush.

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