Magic Flight JaK D’Rippa E-Nail

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Hand-crafted with care in San Diego, the Magic Flight JaK D’Rippa E-Nail lets you dab waxy oils straight from the container with no blowtorch, no messiness, and no wasted wax concentrates. This compact device enables you to vape dip stick or dab style, producing big, robust vapor clouds instantly and with much less hassle than standard enails. Carved from high grade wood by local artisans, the Magic Flight JaK D’Rippa vaporizer is equal parts ergonomic and artsy. Enjoy surprisingly large clouds of waxy oil vapor whip-style from a device that fits in your palm. The Magic Flight JaK D’Rippa vape is one of the most compact, uniquely designed enails on the planet.

  • 1 x 18″ Maple Whip Tube
  • 1 x 2″ Rubber Connector Tube
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x Rip-Tip Wicking Attachment
  • 1 x Rip-Receiver Wicking Attachment
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

Magic Flight JaK D’Rippa E-Nail Additional Information

Warranty Info:Lifetime
Dimensions:7 x 3 x 3 in.
Weight:0.80 lbs.
Vaporizer Compatibility:Waxes


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