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The compact but mighty Flowermate V5.0s Pro Vaporizer places full temperature control, adjustable airflow, and a powerful hybrid conduction/convection heating system in the palm of your hand. A 100% medical grade ceramic chamber vaporizes material with zero combustion, producing smooth, flavorful hits. This pocket friendly vape is compatible with herb and waxy oils, delivering full-bodied vapor through an isolated airpath and borosilicate mouthpiece that preserve the essential flavors, scents, and medicinal compounds found in flowers and wax concentrates. Keep track of your temperature and battery life using the convenient OLED display, and enjoy hits fast with a rapid 30 second heat up time. The Flowermate V5.0s Pro features a 2600mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery with an impressive 2 hour and thirty minute battery life.



Flowermate Pro V5.0 S: Simple Device, Simply Huge Battery

This vaporizer brand is known for having a reasonably-priced lineup of quality herbal vapes that were some of the best-performing in the early days of ceramic heating chambers. That status has not diminished with enhanced flavor quality, boosted convenience features, and well thought out adjustments that come along the way. Flowermate isn’t afraid of coming up with solutions that meet every vaper’s needs. The Pro’s latest update sees an easy-to-understand OLED display that wastes no time in giving you full temperature control. Temp. adjustment is available from the two side buttons. Of course, all features can be easily locked via a 5-click shut-off.

Despite being great for new vapers, the Flowermate Pro can hold up to hardcore and even medical vaper. While some might prefer large plumes of vapor that emulate an E-cig, this vape is great for those looking to be discreet, and highly mobile without risk of smite or repercussion for enjoying a quick session. On-the-go and public usage are completely doable. Temperature control is quick to warm up and adjust with a hasty 30-second heat up time.

Flowermate Pro V5.0 S Main Features

  • 2.5 hours of continuous usage
  • True Vaporizer (No Combustion)
  • Adjustable Air Flow
  • Fully Isolated Air Path allows for pure and clean vapor
  • Built with the best medical grade materials
  • OLED Display Screen
  • Mouthpiece storage compartment
  • 2 Year warranty with Flowermate
  • LED chamber light
  • Full ceramic chamber
  • Full temperature control (104-446° F)
  • Concentrate compatibility
  • Preload feature
  • Simple and fast maintenance
  • Dual 18650 (2600mAh)
  • 5-Minute session boost option

How to Use The Flowermate Pro V5.0 S

Flowermate’s quick setup will have you vaping quickly without fumbling for parts. Be confident knowing your full experience can be customized to optimize flavor and cloud density. There’s not much to memorize and the sessions aren’t in need of constant monitoring. For more information on how to use the device, feel free to consult our FAQ page or this video for those who prefer visuals. Of course, for any device-specific questions or concerns, feel free to contact Flowermate directly.

  • Slide open the top compartment
  • Place desired herb amount in the chamber or place a preloaded chamber pod inside
  • Remove the mouthpiece from the bottom compartment
  • Screw on glass mouthpiece
  • Unlock and activate the device with five firing button clicks
  • Select desired temperature
  • Vape until session completes. If desired, you can activate a five-minute extension to your session We recommend vapers take 10-second breaks between hits to let the device warm back up to optimal temperature.
  • When finished, place your mouthpiece back inside the bottom compartment and be sure to lock the device with five firing button clicks

The Flowermate Pro V5.0 S Comes Complete With:

  • 1 x Flowermate V5.0S Pro
  • 1 x Concentrate / Wax Chamber
  • 1 x Medium Stainless Steel Pod
  • 5 x Stainless Steel Screen
  • 1 x Glass Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Wall Charger
  • 1 x Dabber Packing Tool
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

The Flowermate Pro is your professional vape session buddy!

Flowermate leaves every vaper satisfied and fully covered. From beginners to those who like a nice concentrate session from time-to-time, there’s room for the whole community. Chamber pods allow for multiple sessions in quick succession with little hassle. You can even opt to simply fill the chamber and slide the compartment shut, saving it for whenever you choose to attach the mouthpiece. This is also excellent for those going out to take on the day and travel a lot. The fifth version of Flowermate Pro has a 30-second heat-up, which is great for when you might get stuck having a speedy vape in the cold. Despite being a more classical conduction vape, the fully ceramic heating system creates smooth vapor easily capable of getting all flavor notes. Smoother taste comes clear through the glass mouthpiece which has a bottom compartment fitted into the device. You’ll also find a dual-screen system built into the mouthpiece and base of the chamber. It’s worth mentioning the black edition dons a special smoked glass mouthpiece.

Vaporizer airflow was something that several companies struggled with. Flowermate has made consistent adjustments to their airflow with each new model. The version 5.0’s isolated airflow gets you some of the purest conduction vapers out there. Flowermate is commonly praised by reviewers for producing some of the highest quality conduction vapes. In fact, with an OLED display and an in-chamber LED light, it’s impressive the Flowermate Pro V5.0 S can last you a full 2.5 hours of session time. The chamber is designed in a way that doesn’t require tampering or any of those annoying mid-session stirs. Vaporized contents are even and leave no hot spots. This lineup has been rocking true convection since the early days of herbal vapes when other vapes had issues with actually burning your material. This unit wouldn’t be complete without its concentrate dish which features the popular cotton coils for optimum vapor production.

When you first pick up this device you’ll have fun messing around with temperature settings to get better flavor and clouds. For a unit this affordable, specific temp. control is hard to find. As mentioned in the maintenance section clean up is simple so vapers can feel confident taking those nice, long pulls on high temps. If you feel like herbal vapes will cut you off mid-session and you’ll be left with half-green, half-brown disappointment, the 5-minute boost option is a feature Flowermate put here to cover your back. The chamber size invites medium-density pack with generous space for those looking to have more impactful sessions.

Maintaining Your Flowermate Pro Vaporizer

Flowermate leaves us vapers with an easily-cleaned device that doesn’t take up more than 2-3 minutes of time to leave in mint condition. The vaporizer comes with an effective cleaning brush, but for a full clean, City Vaporizer recommends our premium cleaning kit. Here’s a quick guide on how to keep your Flowermate Pro looking like new!

  • Wipe down inner chamber and mouthpiece compartment with isopropyl alcohol
  • Run an empty session on a high temperature to burn off any remaining residue
  • Either wipe down or soak the glass mouthpiece in isopropyl alcohol
  • Wipe down the exterior with a preferably dry cloth or tissue


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