The famous Canadian coffee chain Second Cup has decided to step into the cannabis industry by partnering with National Access Cannabis (NAC) in opening up a chain of recreational marijuana dispensaries starting in Western Canada where cannabis legalization is expected earlier than other provinces.

While some cannabis companies are working with liquor companies, NAC is looking to partner with the coffee giants which have 286 locations across Canada and has a proven business model. It is very possible that Second Cup locations may become cannabis dispensaries.

second cup cannabisSecond Cup is looking to convert some of their locations into cannabis shops but it’s currently unknown at this point how many there will be as agreements also need to be made with landlords and franchisees.

While Ontario will be sold through a government monopoly, other provinces such as Alberta and British Columbia have the option to sell cannabis through private retailers.

Shares in both NAC and Second Cup have risen recently on the stock market almost 30 percent as last seen on Thursday. Second Cup along with other coffee chains have struggled against the coffee giants Startbucks but the speculation from the cannabis deal has certainly gave them a boost.

Having cannabis cafes similar to what is seen in places such as Amsterdam does look very appealing and could be another profitable business model that unfortunately seems unlikely in Ontario.

Hopefully minds will change in provinces such as Ontario, New Brunswick, Quebec and PEI with regards to privatization of cannabis business and letting entrepreneurs figure out new ways of selling cannabis such as cafe’s as previously mentioned or social environments such as lounges.

Currently the deal is not final as it’s contingent on whether a license can be attained from the government in order to sell marijuana.

On thing is for sure, mixing coffee and cannabis seems like a great idea but unfortunately the pot shops will only sell dried cannabis to start and eventually move into other products such as edibles.

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Above is a segment aired on CBC which covers the possible partnership between Second Cup Coffee and National Access Cannabis.