arnold schwartzenegger smoking weedIf you’re using cannabis to treat a medical condition and you’re a very active person, you’ll want to use your cannabis at the right times. There are some effects of this particular medicine that make it not the best choice before a workout, but there are ways that you can work around this.

Understanding the Effects

One of the sides of cannabis is that it does tend to cause an increased heart rate. This isn’t really noticeable if you’re not being active, though some people notice it just from the sensation. It’s not a problem for most people but, if you have a target heart rate that you’re trying to maintain while working out, it may complicate that effort. Save your cannabis for after you’re done with your workout.

How it Feels

Cannabis does have head effects and they are relevant when you’re working out. One of the head effects is a distortion of the sense of time. This is really not an issue if you’re just relaxing, but if you’re running, for instance, it may make it seem like your run is taking forever to complete. You may want to skip the cannabis altogether before working out because of this. The endorphin rush you get after working out is a nice natural feeling anyway and you’ll be able to use your medication after you’ve worked out, when the time distorted feeling is gone.


Some strains of cannabis are known to have a strong effect on the body. This can make people using this medication feel a bit lazy. It also has the effect of getting rid of pain, which is why it’s used as medication.

If you’re using a strain of cannabis that’s mostly recommended for pain, you may want to avoid using it before you get your workout in. It can make you feel a bit too content sometimes and you may just not get around to your workout at all. Take care of your body with your workout and then use your medication and you should be fine. You certainly won’t be in pain!

Scheduling Your Cannabis Use Around Your Workouts

A Good Schedule

Depending upon when you work out, you may want to alter the times at which you use your mediation. If you’re a chronic pain sufferer, you’re probably using medication to treat it most of the time. This may mean having to leave something of a window during the day to get your workout in.

If you’re only using your medication once or twice a day, use it after you work out. If this isn’t feasible, consider using it many hours before you work out, as the effects will be gone by the time you need to get your workout in.

Remember that cannabis is a real medication and it has to be used responsibly, just as does every other type of medication. Do so and you’ll still be able to stay fit, get your work out in and get the treatment you need to deal with whatever ails you.