Vaping Cannabis Out of Juul Pods

Now, as cannabis has been legalized in Canada, the plant and its various extractions are becoming popular on a parallel spectrum. With recreational marijuana legal across the nation, there’s been a massive rise in cannabis vaping products.

While the Juul company itself doesn’t yet provide Juul pods for anything other than nicotine, our intelligent community put together everything they needed to make re-usable pods. These pods can either use nicotine e-juice or specific formulations of cannabis concentrate and fit into a Juul perfectly.

Furthermore, there are various ways to add cannabis concentrate to your own Juul pod; there are ways to tinker with your Juul, so that it fits other cartridges. However, the easiest method we’ve found is to just get the cannabis Juul pods that have already been pre-made.

Although it is not yet fully endorsed by Juul, Juul itself is owned by the popular cannabis vaporizer company Pax. This company is fully aware of the Juul’s easy compatibility and it is a design feature, not a flaw. This discreet vape, that can fit in the palm of your hand, has many third party retailers of the pods.

Our partners offer compatible cannabis concentrate pods, that remove the hassle of tinkering with your own Juul pod. Our goal is to make your marijuana vaping experience a good one. That’s why we have put in the research ourselves, to compile a list of all our partners that do offer compatible concentrate pods. Let’s look at which of the top online dispensaries across Canada offer compatible cannabis concentrate pods for a Juul vape pen.

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