Kush plants are one of the cannabis strains that are made from 90% of indica hybrids. The marijuana strain is also known as the Hindu Kush of the Afghani family. It can be planted in any indoor or outdoor garden but it is suitable for indoor plots especially on a hydro system culture. Kush plants ideally grow in a humid place with an average height and an excellent yield of 500 to 600 grams per square meter. It normally blooms from 55 to 65 days with features of dark green leaves with hairs and buds that are covered with trichomes. The marijuana strain is an ideal medication for people who are suffering from severe types of pains and illnesses because it contains a high potency level.

Reasons for choosing Kush seeds

Aside from its medicinal purposes, cannabis Kush seeds are chosen to plant by most weed growers because of its fast production, easy growth, strong effect, and rich flavor. Its flowering days usually vary between 55 to 65 days in any indoor garden. The indoor garden provides a humid temperature which Kush plants ideally need for its own growth. The pot production of the marijuana Kush plant is less prone to plant pests since its growth is placed in a secure place. Besides, its growth is doubled compared to Kush seeds that are planted outdoors. Most weed growers and users chose cannabis Kush seeds because of its fast production and easy yield even though it only produces small marijuana strains on their indoor plots.

Another reason many pot growers chose marijuana Kush seeds is because of its high-level substance of 22% that gives a strong effect on the user’s mind and body. Ideally, the cannabis Kush plant can be taken during day time and night time. Users can take the Kush plant during day time if they got loads of works to do while they can smoke or eat the Kush plants during the night time if they want to feel relax. Its high potent content usually lasts longer in the user’s body and it leaves him a euphoric and narcotic experience afterward. In addition, marijuana Kush plants are chosen because of their strong and distinctive citrus flavor that lingers on the user’s mouth. Its strong potency and flavor made it possible for the marijuana Kush plant to cure and prevent certain illnesses like migraines, anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, arthritis, bipolar disorder, sleeping disorder, Parkinson’s disease, ADHD, and so on.


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