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Twisted Extracts 1 to 1 Mango Jelly Bomb (40mg THC/40mg CBD)

///Twisted Extracts 1 to 1 Mango Jelly Bomb (40mg THC/40mg CBD)

Twisted Extracts 1 to 1 Mango Jelly Bomb (40mg THC/40mg CBD)


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  • 40mg THC and 40mg CBD per Fruit Gummy
  • 1 Gummy per package
  • 8 Dose per package
  • Comes in a resealable bag
  • Mango Flavour


The Twisted Extracts 1 to 1 Mango Jelly Bomb is the perfect mix of CDB and THC inside a delicious mango jelly. Each jelly contains 40mg of THC and 40mg of CBD.

How to Use Jelly bomb

Jelly Bombs are easily divided into 8 10mg doses. First time users should start with half or less of one 10mg dose. Allow 60 minutes for full effect to begin before considering taking an additional dosage. Take with food for best results.

Ingredients: Corn syrup, sugar, gelatin, cannabis extract, coconut oil, citric acid, corn starch, sorbitol, artificial color & flavor.

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Choosing the right cannabis strain for you:

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The cannabis indica strain will provide a relaxing feeling which is why it's synonymous with the term "In da couch" and provides a relaxing feeling and mellow mood. It is the strain that is often used for medicinal purposes as it's effective for treating sleeping disorders, aches and pains. Indica is also commonly used to treat many disorders and diseases including fibromyalgia, parkinsons and multiple sclerosis.

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This strain of medical marijuana provides a stimulating and uplifting experience. Sativa will put you in a great mood and create a great feeling without feeling drowsy. Sativa is a popular cannabis strain by artists or those looking for creativity. The Sativa strain can also provide medicinal benefits for those suffering from mental or behavioural problems, depression, stress and ADHD.

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The cannabis hybrid strains provide the best of both strains that are genetically modified strains that may be either indica dominant or sativa dominant. Depending on which strain is dominant will dictate the effects. Indica dominant strains will provide a more mellow and calming feeling.

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