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Jack the Ripper

//Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper

$32.00 per gram


Jack the Ripper is another standout strain originally bred by the talented team over at TGA Genetics.


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Jack the Ripper is another standout strain originally bred by the talented team over at TGA Genetics. Considered one of the team’s crown jewels, it is almost unbelievable that Jack the Ripper was conceived by mistake – Subcool, a talented horticulturist and cannabis enthusiast accidentally came across this phenotype after attempting to re-create his own popular strain Jack’s Cleaner in seed-form. Named after the infamous serial killer of the 19th century, Jack the Ripper is well renowned for its astounding potency and deadly high.

Jack the Ripper is a unique and prominent sativa flower with an unprecedentedly unique genetic history. Subcool from TGA genetics crossed his own notorious Jack’s Cleaner with a peculiar male variant of the exotic Space Queen strain to create this potent killer. Testing at well-over 20% on average for THC concentrations, Jack the Ripper is a very intoxicating and psychedelic strain. The high of Jack the Ripper is characterized as happy and energetic, with users describing themselves as being in an upbeat, focused, giggly and euphoric mind-state. Jack the Ripper is best suited for the alleviation of stress, pain, depression, fatigue and headaches.

Aesthetically, this strain is as sharp as the real Jack the Ripper’s knives. Lush green, conular-shaped buds are entirely covered in a dense snowstorm of bright resinous trichomes that are almost adhesive to the fingers. Flavour-wise and aromatically, Jack the Ripper is said to be reminiscent of pine forests, tart lemons and a sweet candy-like essence.

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Cannabis Sativa
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Jack the Ripper
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