• BC Kush

    /3.5 grams
  • Northern Lights

    /3.5 grams
    Another indica strain that has been perfected by the talented team over at Sensi Seeds in Holland, not many strains are as well-regarded and as famous the legendary Northern Lights strain. This pure indica strain is widely renowned around the world and has constantly changed “the face of global cannabis” since its inception, racking up accolade after accolade including multiple Cannabis Cup awards. The heavy-hitting, extremely dank Northern Lights’ genetics can be found in many popular strains today, such as Super Silver Haze and Shiva Skunk.
  • Mataro Blue

    /3.5 grams
    Mataro Blue is an exotic indica flower first bred by Kannabia Seeds, a collective which is known for thriving to provide unique and high quality phenotypes. This multiple award-winner’s parentage is made up of a very impressive trifecta – it was created as a cross between Black Domina x Mazar | Sharif x Blue Monster. The outstanding genetics of this strain give it an unforgettable aroma, and the medicinal purposes are endless!
  • Violator Kush

    /3.5 grams
    Violator or Violator Kush is a classic, dank indica strain that is beloved by many for its heavy-hitting effects. This strain is the product of the time spent in the Himalayas and the Malana Valley by the veteran Dutch growers at Barney’s Farm. The team from Barney’s Farms specifically sought out the strains Malana Charas and Hindu Kush, the best genetics from the region, for their potency and hash-like characteristics. Violator is a decorated strain, winning 1st Place for Overall Flowers at the Canarian Cannabis cup in 2010.
    3.5 GRAMS$35
    7 GRAMS$64
    14 GRAMS$120
    28 GRAMS$220
  • Taste: Earthy, Sweet, Woody Strain: Nuken Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Uplfted, Euphoric, Hungry
  • Ace Killer OG

    /7 grams
    Ace Killer OG strain is an rare and highly coveted indica strain with an alluring and mysterious lineage. Breeders selectively chose Kings Kush and Kosher Kush, two classic indica strains, the hybrid White Fire OG and another strain of unknown origins for their exceptional genetics to create this exotic one-hitter-quitter. The exclusivity of Ace Killer OG has almost made it an urban legend within the cannabis community. This heavily intoxicating indica strain is known for its high THC concentration and relaxing, sedating effects.
  • HENOTYPEIndica
    STRAIN/BLENDAhi Tuna Kush
    TASTEDiesel, Gas, Earthy, Pungent & Pine
    CONTENTS7 Grams
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