Cannabis sativa provides a much different psychological effect from the other most consumed strain of cannabis known as indica.

Sativa provides an uplifting and cerebral high so if you’re looking to spark your creative side and as a quick “pick me up” before your productive day. Skip the coffee and try sativa for a change.

If you’re looking to buy sativa but not sure which strain to buy then the following article will cover 3 of the most popular sativa strains you may want to buy online in Canada.

Green Crack

If you’re looking to feel energetic and uplifted then you will love this strain. Green crack (originally known as Crush or Green Crush) was given its name by the famous Snoop Dogg is a sativa strain that will stimulate conversation. It contains THC levels as high as 21% and a perfect daytime strain. It also provides medicinal benefits for those suffering from depression, fatigue and ADD.


This cannabis sativa strain is a classic in the marijuana community. It’s bred specifically for its marijuana flavour. If you’re looking to boost your mood you’ll find this strain very uplifting. It also contains high THC levels up to 20% and also a great strain for those suffering from anxiety and depression. Not only will you get a great head high from Grapefruit but it provides a delicious citrus smell.