Recreational marijuana will soon be legalized in Canada, however most don’t know that medicinal marijuana has been legal in Canada for quite some time. In fact medical marijuana has been legal since 2001 however this summer marijuana users will have a vast array of cannabis choices come August 2018.

marijuana dispensary canadaBuying Marijuana from a Medical Marijuana Clinic

Cannabis clinics are facilities that are available for patients who may be suffering from various issues including cancer, depression and other ailments. Certified general practitioners are available to prescribe patients medical marijuana as a treatment option. Typically visiting cannabis clinics are free however patients must pay for any marijuana or cannabis related products from licensed suppliers.

medical marijuana dispensaryPurchasing Marijuana form a Dispensary

Many dispensaries have shut down who have been operating illegally including the well known franchise Cannabis Culture that was located in Toronto, Canada. Dispensaries typically have a certified doctor in person or via video link that can provide visitors prescriptions. In most cases, you must have a prescription from a medical professional such a chiropractor or GP to prove you have a medical condition.

mail order marijuanaBuying Weed Online – Most Popular Option

This likely the most convenient and discreet option for anyone looking to easily buy weed in Canada. There are several mail order marijuana websites which can sometimes provide up t