With an impressive THC content level that’s anywhere up to 23%, it’s one of the strongest hybrid strains in medical marijuana collectives today.

OG Kush is one of those notoriously rare marijuana strains that are getting significantly more popular now that it is available in seed form from Grand Daddy Purps and a few others. The lineage of this plant is for the most part unknown, but like all mysteries it is often highly debated. Some people say that the strain is a pure Indica and a natural Kush and some people say that it is neither an Indica nor a Kush.

That withstanding, pretty much everyone agrees that this flavourful bud is extremely potent and good for a variety of medical uses. It has been claimed the OG Kush marijuana strain is good for eating disorders, stress, nausea, depression, Parkinson’s disease, pain, AIDS, insomnia, arthritis…

Therefore, OG Kush is extremely popular in the medical marijuana community in California and slowly across the United States.

OG Kush is also a favourite among tokers of all varieties because the buds are extremely dank, super sticky, fat, fluffy, popcorn nugs that rarely, if ever, have a stem inside of them. So even though it may be a bit pricier because this variety can be a very finicky grows, the price differential is almost always worth it in the end. The buds are neon green with orange-red hairs if the strain is grown properly. Although some people report that the buds smell like fuel, any well grown OG Kush smells and tastes like pinecones. And the high, while often heavily bodily in nature and focus, packs an extremely strong mental punch often leaving the user euphoric, hungry, and lazy.

OG Kush can be a very difficult strain to grow and the plants can be extremely small producers of bud if not grown properly. However, any experienced grower should be able to get great harvests after the first few grow at most. The plant can get very leggy during the vegetative cycle, but it will most often fill up that space during the flowering cycle. Likewise, due to the